Sunday, January 27, 2008

Very Nice Satan.

As you go through my blog you find out that it is not scientifically, historically, linguistically, structurally and spiritually possible that Quran can be the invention of Muhammad (PBUH). It is beyond belief that your message is that of honesty and fear of God and you would lie against God. We are left with God versus the great deceiver Satan. Go through the Quran and my bolg and find out to yourself who is the author of the Quran. For me if Satan has inspired Muhammad (PBUH) with the Quran he would be a very nice Satan for the following reasons:1- He would glorify God in big amount of verses.2- He would teach us morality and the fear of God.3- He would praise all the prophets and continue in their teachings. He would be a pro-Christ and praise him in many verses.4- He would ask us to do a lot of prayers and praise and have all our life lived by God and for God.5- He would warn us bout evil and advise the good.6- He would require all of us to be righteous and not only the religious elites.7- He would not like us to have any partners and idols with God including our big egos.8- He would insist on the ten commandments.9- He would insist on charity.10- He would warn us about usury.11- He would warn us about Satan and hell.You see if Satan had inspired Muhammad with Quran he would be a very nice Satan. He can come over my house for dinner in the week ends.