Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quran: The Word of God

I am not a Muslim scholar however I will try to make my case: Why Quran is the word of God. There is a verse in Quran states that: "If it was not from God they would find a great difference". Let us here imagine that Quran was not the word of God and the messenger Muhammad (PBUH) made it up or it was inspired by Satan as some in the West believe. Let us examine what difference it will be if it was not from God:1- Weakness: the words of the speaker of Quran is strong from its beginning to its end. If not from God will find like in human speech times of weakness and contraction. I challenge you to read any page and think if this is the power and glory of a God or a human who is talking to us.2- Politics: There is no politics in Quran. It is God who created us speaking to all humans as his slaves. He is not praising a group of people except when they are following his commands. He is not mentioning names of famous Arabs or tribes to get their approval. His not mentioning Muhammad (PBUH) friends or family members and so forth.3- Different commandments: almost the same ten commandments that when broken are considered major sins as it is in the bible. Same strong God as in the bible who revenge to his commandments (which are ultimately good for humans). I do not think Satan would tempt us to follow God's commandments.4- Different Prophets: though God did not mention all the prophets in Quran he mentioned the most famous and those who suffered the most. He told their stories several times in the book. He praised them and according to their sufferings the 5 mentioned most were Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be on them all). So the prophets were different in their Sharia (religious laws) they carried the same core: worshipping God and morality. Quran did not create different prophets but same link with same chronological order.5- Not Moses and pharaoh: God loves this story and he repeated over and over in the bible and the Quran ( 7 times). It basically tell you the common struggle between the believers and oppressed against the unbelievers and oppressors or tyrants. It is the story of most prophets in the bible and even in our political history. Pharaoh was a kind of believer he believed in himself and denied his creator. You love it when God turned pharaoh wickedness with a striking defeat. He let him too close to catch the Israelites then all of sudden he split the water and after they passed through it he drowned pharaoh and his soldiers. At that point pharaoh said "I believed in what Beno Israel believed in" but it was too late for him. The stories of the common prophets you read them and enjoy them in the Quran. Why someone would create all of these stories. Why he got them that right as if he was watching with his own eyes. Why specifically Moses and pharaoh unless he is the same God who enjoyed his glory against the injustice of the pharaoh so he went down to earth to teach every tyrant this big lesson.6- Different good and evil: Same Good and evil struggle and same temptation of Satan to us as he did to Adam and Eve. Quran carried same story. I do not think Satan will inspire the Quran to warn us of himself and his temptations to us or ask us to worship and glorify God.7- Playing politics with the Jews and Christians: Same message to Jews and Christians since Quran started. If Quran was not from God you will find a lot of politics to win the Jews and Christians. It was clear from the beginning God was angry with the Jews at times when they did not follow his prophets and God anger was also strong against the misguided Christians who took Jesus as his real son. There is no compromise or politics from the start. If it was not God's words you would find much politics. The real politics are to be played by Muslims themselves to try to have harmony with the Jews and Christians. It is how to win them and in same time you are not changing God's words. It is very simple if they still do no believe in the Quran as God's word we can wait for the Christ he will come in few years. With his glory as he descent from heaven all people around the world will believe in him. He will tell us all the truth. What Muslims are asking is for all of us to get righteous and prepare for his second coming.8- Heaven and hell: As we do in our life with our children, with our employees and even between nations people use the carrot and stick. For God you would expect to have both of them great. Both were mentioned in the Quran with a lot of details. Any one would make that up and pretend that God said that you expect him to be the first who will fear hell. People who question God mercy should understand that the requirements to go to heaven are few and very good to all of us. If someone would tell me that we will beat you up everyday and you will go to heaven for eternity I will tell him I got a good deal.9- Not criticizing Muhammad (PBUH): it does not make sense to me if the Quran was created by Muhammad to criticize himself. In the few times God corrected his messenger he made it clear to him it is a mistake and told him what should be the right. As an Example when he was preaching to the leaders of the Arab tribes and he avoided a blind poor man. God made it clear that this man does not come after them. This man name is Abn Maktoum and after that Muhammad (PBUH) would give him the best reception when he sees him telling him "you are the man God had blamed for". I do not think Muhammad (PBUH) would create a book and criticizes himself.As God mentioned in Quran talking to Muhammad (PBUH) "and so we inspired you through our spirit (Gabriel) with our message, and before that you did not know what the book and what the faith, but we made it (the Quran) a light that guides who we would like from our slaves, and you are a guide to the straight path" Quran 42:52.

Humanism: The New World Religion

Over long decades people have suffered much from communism, socialism, immoral capitalism, fascism, nationalism and religious wars. Humanism should be our new world religion. It does not abolish any religion or mix religions. It simply means we can all have the freedom to worship, choose any religion or no religion. We can still be Americans, Egyptians, British.... Humanism simply states that we should not be fanatic about nationality, religion or ethnicity. Humanism means that we humanize people. We remind them we all have much in common and few differences. Our desires and aspirations are the same. Selfishness and greed are very inhumane. We should come together to create the international system that fulfill the aspirations of each family in the earth. We have to create the system of moral capitalism where large corporations can make money, even a lot of money and meanwhile contribute to the welfare of humanity. We need an international system that prevents wars before they happen, atrocities before they are committed and diseases before they become epidemics. To create this system we have to be as much inclusive and transparent in our relations to others. Few politicians acting smart in closed doors is the worst for international affairs. This does not preclude the dialogue between religions. It is better done by very open-minded people who are expert on comparative religions or by unbiased search. There is no monopoly for the truth we all should seek the truth. I should feel happy if my Christian neighbor is feeding his children a good meal and his not struggling to survive. Humanism is the primary world religion and the heart of most religions. That is why I want to see it become the world new religion.

Authenticity Of The Quran

Authenticity Of The Quran As Muslims we were asked by the messenger Muhammad (PBUH) not to believe or disbelieve the people of the book when they mention verses from the Bible. This made a lot of sense to Muslims since Quran is the last revelation. If there is some differences you would believe the last revelation. It is rare for most Muslims to read the bible. This is simple most find the Quran is just too compelling that it is difficult to imagine a human can invent it. For Satan to inspire Muhammad with the Quran would appear foolish to most Muslims. However, some Muslims particularly now in this turning point of history are reaffirming their belief and examining the Bible and Quran to be sure they are not in the wrong side of both the truth and history. The authenticity of the Quran is confirmed by many facts:1- It was written down minute by minute. As the Angel Gabriel would inspire Muhammad (PBUH) Muslims would write it down. This allowed Muslims to learn and absorb the Quran over 23 years. They felt the connection to heaven all the time during Muhammad life. He would tell them this verse goes to this sura and the other to the other sura. It was like you are putting different parts of a machine in place without looking at the design which was a miracle in itself.2- Then they will recite it in their prayers which is 5 times a day. Many including the messenger would pray for hours each night.3- Many of the first Muslims including the messenger and then many over the last 1400 years had recited the whole Quran. It is just easy to watch in an Arabic T.V channel like Akra (read) children from different parts of the world reciting many sura of Quran or even the whole Quran.4- In the month of Ramadan: the messenger would recite the Quran to the angel Gabriel (updated version) and before the messenger death he recited the Quran twice to Gabriel.5- The Hadith that contain the sayings of the messenger that are separate from Quran were not written as per the messenger request so the writers do not confuse it with the Quran. It was written after his death.6- God promised "the verse: who is more trustworthy to keep his promise than God" to keep it as it is and he kept his promise (the verse:" it is we (God) who brought down the revelation (Quran) and it is we who will sustain it").Both the old and new testaments are inspired by God. However the accuracy is less than that of the Quran. Jesus was a great prophet and though the idea of having a God who sacrifice his son for our sins is a noble one the Quran strongly defy it. Salvation is by the teachings of the Christ and Muslims came through the Christ. Taking care of every one of the planet regardless of his religion is the core of Jesus message. Uniting through our humanity is the way to deliver his message.

The Real Passion

I saw the Passion of the Christ. No doubt is a great movie, however I would loved most to see the Message of the Christ. That is what we need to learn most nowadays. With the degradation of morality and the widespread corruption the message of the Christ is all we need to learn and apply now. The real passion in this world is to spread the common good and fight corruption between all of us. Who killed the Christ (as Christians believe) or were attempting to kill him (as Muslims believe) is corruption and jealous. The same enemies of every messenger. It is of no value to know their ethnic or religious background particularly if we hope for a messianic era. There is no anti-sematism in Islam. God praised the Jews when they were righteous and condemned them when they were not as he did in the old testament. God did the same for the Muslims particularly their hypocrites and those who did not follow his right path. Satan wants us to fight for religious identity and domination. God on the other hand wants us to share the baseline of all religions "being righteous". He wants the most righteous (from all religions and even non believers) to form the hierarchy of governments since it is much easier to spread morality and honesty vertically than horizontally.

Sex in The American Media Circus

I want America to take one thing from Islam that makes every one life easier. Though Islam believes much on virtue and family values, regarding sex it prohibits anyone to talk about the sex life of anyone else. If one sins a close friend who finds out advise him to follow God Commandments and he should not tell any body. Except of course for pedophilia and rape. Even people who never or rarely sins they should not say about their virtue since it opens the door for unfruitful discussion. God wants us to avoid sinning and if it happens does not want us to get the bad consequences. Satan, on the other hand wants us to sin and get the bad consequences of sinning. Islam believes in avoid sinning by avoiding close encounter between men and women at educational institutes and work places particularly one on one encounters in a closed place. In the west infidelity and sexual abuse commonly occur in schools and work places. It is simple, sexual drive is strong and it is easier to prevent than to live with the consequences of sinning. The western media that enjoyed scandals made it a lucrative business to some women and their lawyers to get the rich and famous men after a stupid sexual encounter or a planned well temptation. Fight over sexual orientation can be easily avoided if we keep sex out of public eye. I have Taman Health Plan that covers all Americans regardless of sexual orientation for health care and long term care. In return no discrimination against someone for his sexual orientation and no bride in expressing someone sexual orientation. Basically do not ask and do not tell. Let us all threw sex behind our back so we can have more time to other compelling world problems. As a whole community we continue to teach virtue and appreciate that God's blessings to those who follow his commendments. Privately, if some one to sin it is between him, God and people involved in the relationship.

The Theory of Evolution: Needs Evolution

There should not be a problem to have students study the theory of evolution as by Darwin and others. However, they have to be taught two things: it is a theory and there is another theory "the creation". They can learn the latter from their religious sources. Charles Darwin, in his books (The Origin of Species 1859) and (The Descent of Man 1871), presented his theory of evolution. He presented the theory of the Mechanism of Natural Selection or survival of the fittest. More evolutionists contributed to the theory trying to deflect criticism. These are the common critics of the theory:1- Basic material: Even if you are successful to trace the universe to one atom and life to one cell you will not be able to answer: who created the atom and cell. 2- The theory of "spontaneous generation", which asserts that non-living materials came together to form living organism has been rejected. The great evolutionists like Russian biologist Alexander Oparin and American chemist Stanley Miller experimented to prove that a living cell could originate by coincidence but failed and they admitted their failure. 3- The conditions required for the formation of cell are too great in quantity to be explained away by coincidences. The DNA molecule is so complex that it cannot be accidental or coincidental. 4- Lamarck and Darwin believed in the transferring of traits of one species to the other. They maintain that living creatures passed on the traits (new DNA) they acquired during lifetime to the next generation. Giraffes evolved from antelopes and bears transformed into whales. However, the laws of inheritance discovered by Gregor Mendel (1822- 1884) and verified by the science of genetics have nullified the theory of evolutionary mechanism. 5- Sharing the some of DNA material between animals point to a creator rather than spontaneous mutations (Neo-Darwinism). In humans spontaneous mutation as we study it in medicine result in disease and deformities not eloquent new species. 6- The fossil record theory of Darwin, which was a basic contention, has been rejected on scientific grounds. According to this theory, every living species has sprung from a predecessor. No "Transitional Forms" have yet been uncovered. On the contrary, the British Paleontologist, Drerk v. Ager in "The Nature of the Fossil Record" admits that the fossil records shows not gradual evolution but the sudden explosion of one group at the expense of another. This is just the opposite of Darwin's assumptions.6- Man is the blend of Matter and Soul. Darwin and other evolutionists could deny it or ignore it but human observations are just too compelling even to intellectuals. For a scientific proof you need observation and experiment. There is no experiment that evolutionists can produce in the laboratory to prove their observation. Humans' observation is more stronger than the photos of some apes that looked more erect over millions of years. 7- The brain which is the most advanced in humans compared by any species is very difficult to explain how it can evolve from lower animals. We do not pass to our children through our sperms or eggs our knowledge, social or political skills. They have to learn it. Even intelligent people have to develop their brain more through learning. If they have intelligent children they will look like most of us. Learning will not cause us to evolve into new species or for our brains to grow into large balloons. Similarly, you can not expect lower animals to develop the sophisticated human brain by learning alone.For me the theory of evolution is stuck in its beginning, middle and end. In the beginning: the origin of material!! in the middle: adding new DNA for acquired traits resulting in new species !! and in the end: human brains are just too sophisticated to evolve from lower animals. As you see the theory of evolution failed to evolve in these three essential steps. Compiled my thoughts with scientific facts from Islam And Darwinism: By: Prof. Maqsood Jafri.

Sexual Revolution and Moral Degradation.

I was listening to this gentleman on c-span discussing his book. He was explaining that we are almost alike in the west with Islamic values except for sex. We struggled with that for years and we are over that now. I was very surprised to hear that from him. I can understand people can sin and God forgive sins. But to cancel God law to Moses (PBUH) is a challenge to God. It says to God the law was wrong and we finally discovered that. You can do what you want. In my home I can walk on the walls it is not anyone business. But to say to God the law is wrong we know better, you better be very sure there is no God to begin with. In one of T.V channels an author was discussing her book of how to cheat. The opposite we used to hear people advocates!!. Let me explain below why sexual revolution had led to degradation of civilizations:1- In old testament at times when there were sexual corruption God pushed people to fight and kill each other, or say he would let them to Satan to do his work. Muslims and Christians are not any different.2- Sexual diseases over years have affected people and HIV is a new disease that can be traced to few decades ago.3- Even with contraceptive methods still unwanted pregnancies occur.4- Parents who have children out of marriage are more likely not to want to have these children. They are more likely to abort them. If they are delivered and when the children grow up they have a lot of conflicts and pain with no feel of love of the fathers who commonly dump them. Compare that with planned conception from loving married parents.5- Cheating in marriage commonly end in divorce and breakdown of families. Children are the victims of the infidelity of parents. Huge money is lost in the country from broken marriages.6- Morality is a group work and immorality is infectious so if we are agreeing that sin is the norm we are giving the green light for moral disintegration.7- Cheating is wickedness and make people also wicked in other morals. It is more common to have people who cheat to be wicked in other areas of their lives. The longer people cheat and the more the widespread of infidelity is the more the disintegration of morality and the collapse of civilizations. Two women who were very wicked and harmed me I found them to be both were long-time cheaters, no surprise, thanks God non were my relatives.8- Sex for profit became very common and even children exploited for sex.9- High crime rate is associated with sexually-free societies.I can understand people can sin at times. But God plan to us to put the mechanisms to prevent sin and how to recover from them. Encouraging marriage and preventing divorces should be the tasks of governmental and religious institutions. To challenge God and say the law is wrong you are simply inviting his wrath. God is just if any of us were God he would have blown up the world long time ago.