Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sex in The American Media Circus

I want America to take one thing from Islam that makes every one life easier. Though Islam believes much on virtue and family values, regarding sex it prohibits anyone to talk about the sex life of anyone else. If one sins a close friend who finds out advise him to follow God Commandments and he should not tell any body. Except of course for pedophilia and rape. Even people who never or rarely sins they should not say about their virtue since it opens the door for unfruitful discussion. God wants us to avoid sinning and if it happens does not want us to get the bad consequences. Satan, on the other hand wants us to sin and get the bad consequences of sinning. Islam believes in avoid sinning by avoiding close encounter between men and women at educational institutes and work places particularly one on one encounters in a closed place. In the west infidelity and sexual abuse commonly occur in schools and work places. It is simple, sexual drive is strong and it is easier to prevent than to live with the consequences of sinning. The western media that enjoyed scandals made it a lucrative business to some women and their lawyers to get the rich and famous men after a stupid sexual encounter or a planned well temptation. Fight over sexual orientation can be easily avoided if we keep sex out of public eye. I have Taman Health Plan that covers all Americans regardless of sexual orientation for health care and long term care. In return no discrimination against someone for his sexual orientation and no bride in expressing someone sexual orientation. Basically do not ask and do not tell. Let us all threw sex behind our back so we can have more time to other compelling world problems. As a whole community we continue to teach virtue and appreciate that God's blessings to those who follow his commendments. Privately, if some one to sin it is between him, God and people involved in the relationship.