Sunday, January 27, 2008

Muslims Are Coming.

We Muslims frankly want to convert the world to Islam because of the good Islam has to humanity. Any other faith has the right to do the same. It is like the free market it is competing of ideas. We have the Internet and the mass media and millions of blogs. All of these help the debate and sharpen ideas. It creates consensus that when all facts are available and through unbiased discussions people will meet at a point or at least will get close enough to the truth. As Muslims we would like to convert the Muslims first to Islam that the west unfairly denied us this right by supporting the rotten and immoral Arab regimes. Who are in fact if we talk Christianity are the most Antichrist regimes in the world. We do not want the world to convert to extreme or militant Islam that the west created by leaving an empty vacuum to them. We want moderate Islam we want to spread the teachings and gospel of Jesus as we Muslims got it right. Muslims are coming not by invading or forcing others to convert to Islam. Islam believes in Muslims who come to Islam willingly with convinced minds and searching hearts. Muslims will not invade America but Americans will explore Islam. It is not a clash of civilizations but it is a debate of civilizations.Why Muslims are coming:1- Islam is real.2- Islam believes in reasoning. Even after you convert to Islam very willingly you use reason for almost every thing.3- Islam is for every one interest: the universal and humane values.4- Islam spreads morality.5- Islam protects you personally with diminish of crimes, social problems.6- Islam is an open door to every one.7- Islam is tolerant to every one.8- Islam encourages honesty which is the best medium of exchange to all of us.9- Islam acknowledges human weakness and pulls the hand of sinner.10- Islam is a peaceful religion. Militant Muslims is a rare phenomena second to the ruthless oppression.11- Islam has great momentum it moves people towards great causes.12- Islam is dynamic: no one is certain of going to heaven or desperate that he will go to hell. Muslim is realistically optimistic. No one faith is 100% all the times we all struggle to be more believers. We are there when we pray and do the good deeds otherwise our hearts get rusty.13- Islam has no one between you and God. You are special to him and more so as you get closer to him.14- Islam looks at hearts and God in Islam is the God of hearts.15- Islam is against wars but evil would not leave the good in peace as happened with the early Christians and Jews. Wars abused by all people from different religions and backgrounds. Dialogue and not wars is the answer.16- Islam fights poverty which brings a lot of evil with it.Muslims are coming by debating and not by invading. They are not coming form outside but from within the west. They will not come falling from trees but by growing from the land. They are not coming for any purpose except for God and the Islamic values. They are bringing Islam to the west since the west oppressed Islam in its countries and doing a little to help out. Islam comes to the west because the leaders of the west are civilized and knows the importance of liberty.