Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why The Quran Is Very Enjoyable.

One thing was making me feel missing when we go the afterlife: the Quran. I was wrong I found out recently from Hadith to the prophet that we will recite it in heaven (hopefully).This enjoyment in the Quran is related to the following:1- The human history and wisdom of creation.2- The enjoyable stories of the prophets.3- The great understanding in human psychology.4- The glory of a God talking to us.5- The universe above us that look as it is in the grip of God.6- The feeling that good win over evil either now or the afterlife.7- The strength you feel when you read it and feeling fear, lonely, weak or oppressed.8- For sinners it takes their hands, forgive their sins and heal their hearts.9- The scientific miracle of Quran.10- The linguistic miracle.11- The beautiful music of Quran.11- The recitation by different people who have the best voices in Islamic world. It is like you love a song and you hear it by the best singers that you like to hear it from.12- A song will give you good meanings and enjoyment of music and voice. The Quran will give you all of the above plus spirituality and high marks from God.13- The endorphins you get from all of the above. Muslims do not need alcohols, drugs or gambling to get these endorphins. The high spiritual and intellectual enjoyments can give you these endorphins.