Sunday, January 27, 2008

Religions and Wars.

Atheists found it easy to denounce religions. They will tell you: it is simple religions did much more harm than good. In the contrary many religious people find wars prove well the first concept of the three major religions. Adam and Eve were in heaven and Satan tempted them to do the first sin and let them out of heaven. Satan had promised to do the same to their offspring and make them enemies to each other. He succeeded for one good reason people chose to obey Satan and not God.Most world wars are in fact for domination, hate, discrimination, oppression, exploitation, borders and glory. All of these are temptations from Satan. God wants man only to have a just war. It is the war to free the oppressed and captives, to defend religion and occasionally to spread religion. Islam did not invent war and Christianity did not end it. Every messenger with no exception found enemies against his message. The two common enemies were jealous and corruption.Muhammad (PBUH) before his message was not a military man, he was a peaceful man came with a peaceful message. God ordered him to fight back his enemies many of them knew deep in their hearts that he was a messenger but they chose to fight him. Many of them are from the rough Arabian desert and few looked exactly like Saddam. Pharaoh knew very well that Moses was a messenger from God, but he obeyed his false bride and insisted he is the only God that he knew. Most messengers were ordered by God to fight back their enemies.Even at times of fake religions and no religions humans chose to fight. Since wars commonly end human lives, leaders always tried to convince their fighters that they are in God's side and even promised them paradise. Atheists were not able to abolish religions or wars, both as old as the first Sons of Adam in earth, occured even independently. Man used wars most of times for material reasons. God on the other hand wants us to spread peace. However, many times fighting back for defense and lifting oppression made God's people have to fight back.God promised in all his religions a messianic era. For this to happen humans have to become humans again. Having America as one superpower, which supposed to be in God's side, gives us a unique opportunity to do that. Atheists can help us find this common humanity background. All people should come together to establish new political and economic systems that can end wars and save humanity.