Sunday, January 27, 2008

Understanding God (Allah).

If you read the Quran you come to understand God. It is his speech to us.You will understand what is the purpose of creation and how God value us. These are the points that I came up with as reading the Quran:The contents of Speech:1- He has created the earth and heavens and what in between.2- He is proud of his creation he use it in many of the verses to remind us about his glory. He even swear by his creation when he wants to make an important point to us.3- He Has all the creation praising him likely by following his physio-chemical laws. But we still do not know if there is a spirit to other creations like human.4- Man is his best creation since he has ordered these higher beings angels to prostrate to the first man Adam.5- The animosity of Satan against Adam who refused to prostrate to him and Satan temptation that caused Adam to sin and brought him out of heaven.6- Adam children have been born with the inner spiritual feeling and mental curiosity to find their creator.7- Adam children had God contacted them through prophets and holy books. At times people were misguided to other non true religions in many times guided by Satan. Particularly those that call for worshiping idols and human sacrifice.8- The contact message of submission or Islam is God message since Adam to Muhammad. The idea is the same to submit to God to what he ordered us at each time he sends a messenger. For Muhammad his message is the last submission to God from all humans.9- Muslims have to strive to conduct this message. First through their good Muslim morals that attract others to them. Second through Dawa by calling people to Islam through all media avenues. Like born again Christian you become again clean and pure and you start new life with God.10- God in Quran mentions a lot of messengers and their sufferings in Quran as well their call to their people. He gives a lot of examples to the tyranny of non-believers and the oppression to those who believe in God.11- The main orders of God to humans is the Tawhid or the real creed of one sovereign God. See my articles about some articles of Tawhid in my website.12- Second to Tawhid is doing the good deeds and avoiding the evil one. He particularly stressed on the ten commandments.13- God since he is the creator has the right to impose on us the law of Sharia. Which many times are flexible and adjust to our lives.The Quran Style:1- God talks with authority on the Quran. You feel his authority over the creation, prophets, angels......2- God in Quran calls for us the goodness he created in us. He mean time warn the wicked or those who are weak to Satan temptation. Some of us will be moved by promises of heaven and some of us will be moved by fear of hell. Others will obey God for that being right. A higher spiritual beings will full God for his love to him.3- God uses short or long sentences and short or long sura. However the inner music and linguistic skills do not depart from any of his verses.4- The Quran is well rhymed that different reciters with different styles can sing the Quran with totally different styles. There is no boring or boredom in Qruan. Though the verses of Sharia or law is you predict will be the most difficult to readers.5- The dual speech in the Quran from telling by God to turning to face us talking directly to us. He always get your attention.6- Similarly the dual speech from talking to Muhammad to talking to us go swimmingly well. It is not difficult to understand.7- The block of verses that many time you may not think they are well connected but as you go deep in the meaning you find that they are well connected. God gives you the enjoyment in finding the meaning it is never a boring narration or shallow experience. It is quite common you see Muslim as listening to reciter they move their heads enjoying the rhyme and the meaning.8- The wisdom verses that you can cut and paste to use in a lot of your writings or conversation. 9- Repetition in Quran is to stress the main things that God want us to know well like our names as history of creation of man and how Satan is our foe that he warned us about. The wickedness of people against the prophets and his wrath against them. When he repeat he does that usually in different style. It is never boring.10- Quran is written by God to man. You always feel it that way. He want you to know the speaker is God and what ever your level of education is you reach this conclusion.