Sunday, January 27, 2008

Freedom From All Oppression.

Oppression is the worst abuse humans can suffer. For a lot of people death can be preferred over oppression. There are a lot of faces for oppression:1- Occupation.2- Tyrant regimes.3- Oppression against women.4- Oppression of minorities.5- Discrimination with all its forms: race, color, gender, sexuality...6- Poverty.7- Sins.8- Fear: second to tyranny, absence of health and long term security, sins...9- Insecurity: physical and sexual abuse, violent societies, absence of health and long term security...10- Debts.11- Religious oppression to people with different faith or no faith.As you see to liberate the human mind and spirit there are a lot of things that need to be done. The UN and world leaders both political and religious have to work it out to liberate the human soul and mind. This can be done with a lot of politics and not wars. There is no absolute evil and good. Many times people against us are not our enemies but the other side. If every one is to be fair and put his foot on other person shoe we will have a lot of understanding and we can change the world. People who follow prophecies think the world will change only through the tribulation that God will inflict on humans. I do not know, I keep reading prophecies, meanwhile we have to use the sound politics and judgment to change the world. Prophecies ultimately reflects our judgments and actions.