Sunday, January 27, 2008

Satan Deceive

It is quite possibly someone will ask himself did this guy meet Satan so he would know what is his deceive. I did not see or meet him. I am like everyone saw the imaginative drawings of him. But I see him well reflected in our thoughts. Let me tell why I think that:1- How you can explain that people would worship stones and animals and other things that are created.2- How people prefer the evil mean-spiritism over the good and good spiritism. So the later is good for all of us. Why we see this extreme evil in some tyrants throughout the history and see wickedness as well described in the Bible and Quran.3- Why other people do not even give it a good and through exploration. Though if there is heaven and hell it is of huge of concern since eternity compared to few years in earth is like comparing eternity with zero if you know mathematics.4- Why many people who are following a religion are that hypocrites.5- Why religious people of the three major religions would fight for religious identity and do not follow the righteousness of their religion. They would not follow the manners of the prophets which all about the same and about humanity.6- Why people of same religion of the three major religions are fighting with one another over the years. Though the major points of the three religions are already well spelled in the Bible and Quran.7- Why everyone is confidant that he has the truth in his side while religion itself started by followers who was on the opposite side were searching for the truth.8- Why those religious people would follow the temptation of the Satan. For some Muslims you are O.K do whatever you like then go to pilgrim and for some Christians you are already saved by the blood of the Christ.9- Accepting there is God's wrath meanwhile you do not try to avoid his wrath is another great example.10- For some atheists you are O.K your conclusion is right there is no God and non of these religions are right even with no in-depth analysis of religions particularly Islam.11- How some atheists would believe in the unseen like electricity and atoms and meanwhile deny God.12- Why they would accept the very complicated and strict laws of creation and believe in chance. Or they would believe of the intelligence of creation and would think the creator would not claim that to himself.13- Why they would see both the creation and evil and good, the two major things for humans and make no connection.14- Why people who made the connection on their own would not follow the right connection given by the prophets.15- Why politicians would not get along and religious leaders would not find a common denominator.16- Why the rich are getting more greedy though in few years they will leave the world empty handed and see the poor getting poorer.You see how Satan is very sophisticated. That is how he lead the people astray. He even block us from thinking and searching for the truth. He was even close to deceive me to miss my noon prayer writing this piece.