Sunday, January 27, 2008

Al Mahdi Al Muntazir or The Anti-Chrsit? Flip The Coin.

Before Jesus second coming, both Muslims and Christians through interpreting the prophecies of their religions, believe of the coming of a world leader to stay for about 7 years or so. See how amazingly the prophecies are the opposite in both religions:1- For Muslims he is the Mahdi (The Awaited Divinely-Guided One) and for Christians the Anti-Christ.2- For the Muslims he will pave the way to Jesus. For Christians he is the enemy of Jesus.3- There is time of tribulation during part of this period Christians think it is done by the Antichrist but Muslims believe it is due to people are going afar from God and undermining his invitation to come back to him.4- Both agree he is a Political leader. For Muslims he will bring peace and Justice to the world. For Christians he would bring a false peace and chaos to earth.5- The rupture that would occur as he comes to world politics is thought to happen where Christians will meet Jesus in the air (interpretation of the sudden absence of the church in the book of revelation). Muslims interpret that as Christians will voluntarily convert to Islam ( God Knows better).So who is right.1- A simple way to know that is to flip the coin.2- However , to know with a much higher probability is to examine the Quran. If it is from God the Muslims are right , if it is false and not truly from God Christians are right.3-The other way is to examine his message if it is like that of Jesus he is pro-Christ if the opposite he is the anti-Christ.Make the thinking yourself no one will take your place in heaven or will give you his.4- The third way is to go through the prophecies of both religions and compare it by the current geopolitics of the world.If you still feel lazy just flip the coin and see what he turns to be.