Sunday, January 27, 2008

How They Make You Fear Islam?

For people who are attacking Islam and campaigning against Muslim missionaries they have to be 100% sure that Islam is not from God. There is free speech, however speaking against God is blasphemy. If Jesus is son of God and I am denying that Christians should consider it blasphemy. However, if Quran is from God and people standing against it they should consider very well their positions in the day of judgement.No doubt if you are sincere Christian and you tried to consider Islam and you were not convinced there is no blame in you and your faith is between you and God. But if you campaigning against Islam you should be very certain that the God of Quran is not a real God. You are not leading yourself to the wrong path only but you are taking a lot of people with you. The arguments against Islam are same old same old:1- Muhammad was deluded and the Quran is his delusions: The reality is he was not known to be deluded and was very wise man. If he was paranoid he should have been very paranoid to say God is talking to him and he has a revelation from him. There is no middle ground here if he was paranoid he would be very paranoid and most people would recognize it.2- Muhammad had a lot of people to aid him with the creation of Quran: History would have recorded that very well to him. His biography and daily life was opened to history.3- He was very smart man who was a deceiver or liar for good moral reasons to come up with the Quran: If he was a liar he would be known prior and after Quran. His message is about honesty.4- He copied texts of bible: if he would do that we have to consider him as a liar and deceiver and this was not bought by most Muslims and Muslim converts. To lie against God he would be a pathological liar and most of people would recognize it.5- Disturbed person both great and evil in same time that is was under the influence of Satan: If this is his reality you will find only small sect following him and not billions of people over centuries. You will not find them pleading to his God for peaceful life and secured eternity.6- The Quran is partially inspired by Satan and partially by God. The people who use that against Quran are using one verse of Quran that God tell us that Muhammad was close to give in to the pagans to worship two of their God like a political solution. The verses were that of God and he was telling Muhammad and us that he was close to give in. This was never repeated again by Muhammad.7- Quran is totally inspired by Satan: You could be right read the Quran and decide to yourself you will be answering to God in the day of Judgement.8- Muhammad married many women: It was the will of God. As Muslims we accepted after we had all the arguments that Quran from God. We respect God will and wisdom. Muhammad lost many children I do not see them talking about his losses. Polygamy of the prophet was to take care of widows and orphans. The main purpose of polygamy in Islam is this reason and polygamy should continue to be rare.9- Muhammad married to the wife of his daughter in law after the later divorced her: He was reluctant to do that fearing what Muslims would think as you read from the verses. He accepted and we did the same since it was God's will to change the adoption role at that time.10- Muslims want to dominate the world: wrong we want the world to be full of justice and peace. If Christians want to do it let it be.11- Muslims want to oppress other minorities. That is totally false. Some people want the status of the world to be the same and working for the allied Babylonian system of the world. They do not care about the poor and oppressed many of them are religious leaders who are very rich.12- Muslims will apply the Sharia law on non Muslims: It is even against Islam to do that.13- Muhammad wife Aisha told Muhammad that God was looking after Muhammad' s desires: She was joking and she continued to be the most sincere of believers. When they quote her in that they never mention how good and faithful Muslim she was. If you try to find out the way they attack Islam they cut and paste to build for you a convincing story. I have no problem with that, just you have to remember if the God of Quran is the same strong God of Israel they are in bad shape.14- Muhammad life is changed after he went to Medina: It was the stage of Islamic governments with its laws and army to protect it. It is a natural evolution of Islam and not change in mood or principals. People who are not attacking or oppressing Islam are good friends of ours. Non ally with Non-Muslims or Christians and Jews were built on how they perceive and treat us. Islam is a just religion.15- Muslims would use violence for world domination: Muslims will use politics to do that. The west used colonism and imperialism to oppress Islam. Disengagements from Muslims is very difficult to do in this global world and coexistence is the right answer.16- Muslims aim is to exterminate Jews and Christians: Muslims can coexist well with Jews and Christians. In fact they identify well with most of them.17- From Muslims will rise the Antichrist that will go in war with Jesus: he is the one who will prepare for Jesus for his second coming. He will be oppressed by a lot of people particularly the Arab tyrants.