Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Religion is Kindness.

I loved this simple phrase of the Dalai Lama "My religion is Kindness". I was always kind myself in all my life. Kindness is a beautiful negative moral. It means that you are a very benign and harmless person. You may take a lot of unpleasant abuse, oppression and pain from a lot of mean-spirited people and a lot of time you may let it go because you are dissent or they overpower you. In the contrary to "The Dalai Lama kindness religion" a lot of people their religion is "being mean spirited". Their primary religion could be Islam, Christianity or Judaism or any other religion. If there is a morality per capita equation the Jews will be the most moral. This is at least my experience in United States. Of all Jews I met there were only two mean spirited and prejudice I recall, one I met in New Haven,CT and one in Providence, RI. For Muslims I had hundreds of mean people I met when I was in my country. In the United States I would guess I had may be 20-30 Christians. Mean people wait to cause you pain at any potential window. They usually do it to the kind who is less likely to cause them pain. Like good people who enjoy doing the good, mean people also enjoy doing harm. In both the good and the evil there is enjoyment. The means are stupid they listen to their demons and cause the world to be more hostile and they carry a lot of sins when they meet their God. The reasons to be mean are a lot including being prejudice, jealous, inadequate or prime-evil. There is no law to persecute the means. In fact the person who is mean to you is your boss, co-wroker or a family member who overpowers you so you are less able to revenge. The good thing we have a day of judgment that we will face all the means. Until this comes we have to spread morality vertically. Being mean is another form of Injustice that fills the earth now. The means main skill is to pick on people to humiliate them. Some are well experienced and talented in that. It is most dangerous in schools when some students are picking on a vulnerable student causing him outburst of violence. With guns available to a lot of Americans it ends in a deadly shout out. Since it is difficult to spread morality horizontal we would need a new political and moral systems that insure the most dissent in the political positions regardless of their faith. We need the baseline of religions morality and kindness to prevail. It is amazing when you see some of the Arab tyrants come to the United States pretending to be very polite and they would torture any one stand in their way in their countries. My religion is Kindness like the Dalai Lama but I want it to have it as a positive moral. This means most people will follow the kindness of religions. So if you are mean you will be the one who is in fear and danger and not the opposite. Kindness should not be regarded as weakness. When this happens you will not find means and bullies in the schools, the political scene or anywhere. We will be able to strike the ruthless with the rod of our mouth and with the breath of our lips we will slay the wicked. Then the wolf will be a guest of the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.