Sunday, January 27, 2008

Humanism: The New World Religion

Over long decades people have suffered much from communism, socialism, immoral capitalism, fascism, nationalism and religious wars.Humanism should be our new world religion. It does not abolish any religion or mix religions. It simply means we can all have the freedom to worship, choose any religion or no religion. We can still be Americans, Egyptians, British.... Humanism simply states that we should not be fanatic about nationality, religion or ethnicity.Humanism means that we humanize people. We remind them we all have much in common and few differences. Our desires and aspirations are the same. Selfishness and greed are very inhumane. We should come together to create the international system that fulfill the aspirations of each family in the earth.We have to create the system of moral capitalism where large corporations can make money, even a lot of money and meanwhile contribute to the welfare of humanity. We need an international system that prevents wars before they happen, atrocities before they are committed and diseases before they become epidemics.To create this system we have to be as much inclusive and transparent in our relations to others. Few politicians acting smart in closed doors is the worst for international affairs.This does not preclude the dialogue between religions. It is better done by very open-minded people who are expert on comparative religions or by unbiased search. There is no monopoly for the truth we all should seek the truth.I should feel happy if my Christian neighbor is feeding his children a good meal and he is not struggling to survive. Humanism is the primary world religion and the heart of most religions. That is why I want to see it become the world new religion.