Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Program For The Messiah.

If you would read the literature about messiah particularly from Jewish literature you will get frustrated. How, why and by what all means all or most people will allow someone to be a messiah. The only acceptance people knew over the years is that silent acceptance in tyrannical countries of a certain leader or a dynasty or the localized acceptance of a democratically elected leader.How and why all people would universally accept a single person to be that leader. Where the human cynic, jealous, corruption, selfishness ....Will go. For one person to be that one it became clear to people over thousands of years he is needed to be selected and guided by God.For a program of that messiah to succeed he would need:1- People to believe that he is really guided by God.2- He has the signs that described to them in the holy books of that person.3- He has the power of prophecy: that it is a done deal. God fulfills his will.4- People believe that he is a genuine person.5- They believe he suffered enough that they are willing to help him.6- His sufferings are the injustices in the world that he will plan to solve.7- A universal peace needs A universal justice that he would have to achieve.8- Their well being in life and after-life would be his aim.9- You will feel at the end of the day when you look at your family that he is beside you and thinks like you what is the best we can do for them?.10- You will feel that he is not a superhuman and not dictating to others what they do but to reflect their most moral consensus.11- He will live by example and his life would be his message.12- He will have people just love to participate in his big plan.13- He will give them the hope that it is not only achievable and sustainable but it is also their destiny.14- He will have God as his guide and the people as his consultants.15- His plan will need all of us to unite through: God, humanity and our interests.16- He will convince them that Utopia is not a boring existence but it provides peace, stability and justice that allow all of us to get the best of our minds and hearts.17- It does not kill human ego but it directs it to the best of the interest of individuals and humanity. Nothing boring in this utopia you have more peace to stop to worry and pray to God and enjoy your family.18- He will stimulate their intellect and get the best of their heart and mind. They will enjoy his program both by their hearts and minds.19- He will be ultimately the reflection of all what is good in their hearts in a single person. He will be every one's messiah.As you see it is a very nice dream and it will continue to be so unless God would send such person.