Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Dialogue.

The most important way to achieve a universal peace in the world is through Dialogue. It is not that easy otherwise would be no wars over the ages. But human maturity is in the epic of mastering knowledge and absorbing wisdom that it make us the generation that is able to do it. The dialogue needs however all of the following:1- Understanding.2- Absence of bias and prejudices.3- To put oneself on the other one shoes.4- Respect.5- Controlling anger despite all the grievances.6- To believe there is no one hold all the truth.7- Even if we do not agree on every thing there is a lot of things we can agree upon.8- To listen more than to talk.9- Not to interrupt. To express ones ideas without criticizing other peoples. Not to personalize dialogue it is about the contents of dialogue and not about the speakers.10- To be perceptive to new ideas.11- To be ready to change positions when convinced.12- Not to oppress anyone and allow all people to participate in the dialogue.13- however for all to acknowledge that politicians and diplomats are the ones who is officially represent different countries. Dialogue according to topic has its elites. If NASA is running a discussion or dialogue I would just shut up and listen to the scientists.14- We all should have in our background that we all humans and we should have the dialogue that ends by a consensus or at least understanding and acceptance to one another.