Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Want To See God To Believe.

God created heavens and earth. He decided to create the best creature for him Man. He created him on the form of his maker and gave him his spirit. God asked the Angels to kneel to Adam as an appreciation to his place to God. They all did except Satan. Satan sin was his envy to Adam. Satan tempted Adam to do the man first sin which is to disobey god.God let Satan, Adam and Eve out of heaven. In earth Adam offspring became enemies to each other. The sin of Satan envy and of man disobedience to God are the ones that Satan tempt man with to fill the earth of animosity and evil. At times when there were no revelation form God man tried to make up a story himself about the creation and the origin of good and evil.A lot of imaginative stories were created by different religions. The one stands most convincing is the one of the Bible and Quran. Beside being very reasonable and simple story the prophets who were inspired by God to write the Bible and Quran were like one link. They carried the same message of good and evil. The ten commandments were stressed on both Bible and Quran. Many of the prophets came with miracles (in Islam it is the Quran) that attest to the power of God.People wanted the ultimate evidence to see God to become believers which by definition cancel the primary plan of God. God plan is to give us a lot of evidences of his existence. The universe is his opened book to us. His prophets are the teachers who teach us the spiritual part of this book. The universe tells us of the intelligence and spirit behind the creation.The plan of Satan is he will tempt man and make him follow him (a kind of worship). God allowed Satan to do that except for the righteous who will choose God. People who follows the proper revelation of God deserves his heaven. People who do not do that chose his hell (God is not unjust to people).Except for the prophets and those God chose to put a lot of sufferings including martyrs, it is easy to go to heaven for most of the people. The things allowable in Islam are a lot. It does not ask you to avoid foods except for pork and you do not need to be celibate. You just need to do the good (be a nice guy), ten commandments and to do the five main pillars. These pillars are to attest there is no God but one (God, Al Hasheem, Allah) and Muhammad is his messenger, the prayers, Zakat (a percent of your money to the poor), Ramadan fasting and Al hij.Thus it is your choice. To see God to believe it will happen but too late, in the judgment day. The request per se denies God's right to have the plan of our earthy life and testing to humans. No one of us that would have a heaven and would invite other humans to stay forever for free.See when the followers of Moses asked to see God.Quran 2:55 And remember ye said: ("O Moses! We shall never believe in thee until we see Allah manifestly," but ye were dazed with thunder and lighting even as ye looked on.)God did not leave us without proofs (see God existence: proofs and Satan existence: proofs in my blog). I rather have 10% faith than have 90% disbelief and find myself in the wrong side at the time when the belief will be 100% to all of us, but too late to count.