Sunday, January 27, 2008

Satan's Temptations: Subconscious

Satan tempts man in knowing God and in doing the evil. The human brain works as two zones a subconscious mind and a conscious mind. The subconscious mind as how our brain control our body without human awareness. Examples of these are the autonomic nervous system that control our heart rate, breathing.... The pituitary gland in our brain similarly control most of the glands in human body to secrete the hormones that are essential to our body functions. Subconscious mind also exists at higher level. A good example is human conscience. A lot of times you do the good and avoid evil because you already built this conscience. God sates in Quran (every spirit knew its evil and its good). It did not come out of no where. You decided to choose how your conscience will be. Sometimes it takes you few minutes or more to think to do the good or evil, but more commonly your conscience makes you semi-automatically do the good or evil. Thus you commonly allow less than seconds to Satan to inspire you. Satan does not come to you like this "hi john I am Satan I think the most evil way to handle this matter is so" . He is too subtle and too smart that you may even think every thing is your thoughts. If you think about the people who do very evil things like pedophilia you got to believe in Satan. He knows very well how to make it very reasonable and excusable evil to do, even denying God himself. For a man to rebuild his conscience he will have to come up to the awareness zone of his thinking and rethink before doing anything evil. He will need to repent and go back to God. He will need to understand all the old rationalizations Satan has inspired him with that made him think it is a part of his thought process. It is all natural and brain chemistry and no Satan is one of Satan greatest temptations. Evil is true and good is true. Human conscience can be built by good upraise but is best built by religion. Fear of God is the backbone of faith. It builds the best conscience man can have. When it is built well it feels quite subconscious since you made a strong barrier between you and Satan. You need first to come up to the awareness zone and understand how your brain works.