Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Muhammad (PBUH) Amazed Us All?

If I was not a Muslim I will be still amazed how a single man in Arab desert has 1.3 billion followers even after 1428 years:1- He was one and Muslims over a billion.2- He did not read or write and most Muslim scientists are faithful believers.3- He came from a violent culture and created a peaceful religion unless attacked.4- He came from hard headed Arabs and gathered all Muslims in one heart despite all of their differences.5- He came from a pagan materialistic culture to a highly spiritual religion.6- He came from fighting tribes to create one community that almost functioned as one democratic government.7- He came From intolerant society that measure people with their possessions and origin to a righteous society judge people by their morals.8- He came from less civilized tribes to create the greatest civilization the world knew.9- He had his enemies became his friends and the army leaders of his enemies became his army leaders.10- He came with a religion that broke all the walls of ethnicity, color, region and materialism to the simple basics of humanity and morals.11- He made faith as it should be built first on reason (mental belief) and then feeling (spiritual belief).12- He made faith to go both ways a positive confirmed belief and for the very skeptical a default believe when it becomes very difficult to disprove the Quran and its reasoning.13- He was astray as us looking for God until God sent him his Angel Gabriel and the Quran.14- He doubted the message in the first contact with Gabriel and then became the firmest believer.15- He prophesied to us that Islam will spread to the whole world and God does not break a promise.