Sunday, January 27, 2008

God Plan Of Redumption And The Jews.

God plan for redemption is understood through his revelation:1- God has planned to have the people one nation and one religion at the end of time.2- According to the old testament and the gospels 1000 year of peace will prevail and the kingdom of God will be established. In Islam it is not mentioned definitely for how long it will last from my readings.3- The redemption and salvation depends on us. We will win our redemption if we go back to God and become righteous.4- The Jews are important part of the plan of God since they will lead the people to righteousness.5- God will send the first messiah Imam Al Mahdi if they are to follow his commandments.6- The return of the Jews to the promised land was prophesied in the Torah, Gospels and Quran. The thing I liked about Sadat he was pushing for comparative religious dialogue after he made peace with Israel.7- Both Arabs and Israeli fought wars that would have been unnecessary if we had the spirit of understanding. God did not set us up for fight it is Satan who did that. God wants for us peaceful coexistence and Satan wants for us religious wars.8- When Jesus return to the earth he will be the king of this kingdom and he will be the judge. The world will be one nation and one religion Islam.9- For few years before Christ, God knows, how many will be tribulation on the earth. They will be man made. It is not clear if this already started but it looks like it. If we all end the transgression and be good humans this period may not be necessarily bad. It depends on us.