Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sexual Revolution and Moral Degradation.

I was listening to this gentleman on c-span discussing his book. He was explaining that we are almost alike in the west with Islamic values except for sex. We struggled with that for years and we are over that now. I was very surprised to hear that from him. I can understand people can sin and God forgive sins. But to cancel God law to Moses (PBUH) is a challenge to God. It says to God the law was wrong and we finally discovered that. You can do what you want. In my home I can walk on the walls it is not anyone business. But to say to God the law is wrong we know better, you better be very sure there is no God to begin with. In one of T.V channels an author was discussing her book of how to cheat. The opposite we used to hear people advocates!!. Let me explain below why sexual revolution had led to degradation of civilizations:1- In old testament at times when there were sexual corruption God pushed people to fight and kill each other, or say he would let them to Satan to do his work. Muslims and Christians are not any different.2- Sexual diseases over years have affected people and HIV is a new disease that can be traced to few decades ago.3- Even with contraceptive methods still unwanted pregnancies occur.4- Parents who have children out of marriage are more likely not to want to have these children. They are more likely to abort them. If they are delivered and when the children grow up they have a lot of conflicts and pain with no feel of love of the fathers who commonly dump them. Compare that with planned conception from loving married parents.5- Cheating in marriage commonly end in divorce and breakdown of families. Children are the victims of the infidelity of parents. Huge money is lost in the country from broken marriages.6- Morality is a group work and immorality is infectious so if we are agreeing that sin is the norm we are giving the green light for moral disintegration.7- Cheating is wickedness and make people also wicked in other morals. It is more common to have people who cheat to be wicked in other areas of their lives. The longer people cheat and the more the widespread of infidelity is the more the disintegration of morality and the collapse of civilizations. Two women who were very wicked and harmed me I found them to be both were long-time cheaters, no surprise, thanks God non were my relatives.8- Sex for profit became very common and even children exploited for sex.9- High crime rate is associated with sexually-free societies.I can understand people can sin at times. But God plan to us to put the mechanisms to prevent sin and how to recover from them. Encouraging marriage and preventing divorces should be the tasks of governmental and religious institutions. To challenge God and say the law is wrong you are simply inviting his wrath. God is just if any of us were God he would have blown up the world long time ago.