Sunday, January 27, 2008

How To Be Right With The Christians Right.

The thing you have first to appreciate is that the Christian rights are good guys. They are in most part like moderate conservative Muslims. If they would have accepted Jesus as a prophet and not the son of God they would be almost Muslims. However, they were taught since early age that Jesus is the son of God as well Islam an evil religion.Muslims have to be wise and mature. They should correct politely to them all of these misunderstandings. I prefer the ones to do that particularly are the priests who converted to Islam.Among these misconceptions:1- Islam is a demonic religion.2- Allah is not the same God of Abraham and all the prophets.3- Allah is the God of the moon.4- Islam is a cult.5- Muslims discriminate against non-Muslims.6- Women are inferior in Islam to men.7- Islam spread by sword.8- Islam is a violent religion.9- The Antichrist will arise from Muslims.10- Muslims worship Muhammad.11- Islam plays tactics to appeal to people with peace and compassion then devour them.12- Muslims hate Jews and Christians.13- Muslims want to annihilate Israel.14- Muslims converted out of Islam are to be killed.Muslims web sites are very active now to put out the real picture of Islam. Their media and communications allowed them to reach large number of people and there is a sweeping conversion to Islam. In opposition to this surge of Islam some Christians web sites declared its campaign against Islam.This is the right way to argue with Christian rights:1- We love their moral call and spreading the teachings of Christ.2- Satan would love to see us in wars against each other.3- The message of Muhammad (PBUH) is almost the same as Jesus (PBUH).4- Islam is spread by reasoning not wars.5- Most moderate Muslims are against the violence of the Jihadis. That is why they think with a political dialogue will be balancing or shifting the power from tyrants supported by America and Jihadis to Moderates.6- Allow religious dialogue and have priests converted to Islam to represent us.7- Their misunderstanding of prophecies that there will be struggle near return of Christ between the good Christians and evil Muslims is wrong. Both are good guys with good intentions.8- Muslims should be cool headed since God promised us that Islam will spread everywhere and Jesus will be our leader. The meek will finally inherit the earth. Even when Christians or Jews convert to Islam they have in the beginning that uneasiness that they conceded to our religion. The reality is most Muslims came to Islam over ages from non-Muslims background.9- We Muslims should make it easy to them when they criticize Islam. After we absorb their critics we tell them what is Islam is. This was one of most successful tactics of spreading Islam is to let them spell it out and get it out of their chests and then politely and logically put out our defense.