Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can We Take Israel Off The Table.

There is nothing in Islam or Judaism that make us and the Jews the children of Ishmael and Isaac enemies. Both religions are from the same God and both want us to be good human beings. It is well known fact and God's plan to have the Jews return to the holy land at the end of times. I do not know where is the obsession of eliminating Israel came from. The scary thing is that some people wants to see an Armageddon so Jesus would return. The mission that Jesus wants us to adapt is to spread peace and lift oppression among us. We have to remember that God would not appreciate that we make widespread wars to bring peace. Wars should be our last resort and done with a lot of politics to bring it short. The Arab tyrants also uses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to distract their people from their rights for prosperous and democratic countries. Arab and Muslims need to have a peaceful resolution of this conflict and grantee the security of Israel. After Israel did the treaty with Sadat they kept it for more than 25 years. They came to the holy land for a noble cause and the persecution of the Jews by Hitler made them more willing to die for a Jewish state. For Muslims there are a lot of good causes to live for. Prosperity and being righteous happy Muslim societies among the nations are great aims to Muslims. Islam is pro-life and wars are rarely needed unless we are obligated to. Thus Muslims have to take Israel off the table not of the map, have a life.