Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Failure Of The Western Civilization.

The western civilization has failed to provide to the human progress and soul. Though there is materilaistic progress it is in the same time become dangerous to humans. These are my points:1- It is build on materialism.2- It does not have sincerity.3- It is artifical looks to the exterior.4- It glorifies and worship figures in the community and then turn against them.5- It is restless since the value is in the material which is never steady.6- It is built on greed.7- It says to you it is O.K to do it if no one can see you regardless of your position.8- It creates a culture of corruption.9- It creates sinful people then trash them unlike Islam which pull the hands of sinners and purify them.10- It blinds the people about any external abuse or even expolitation of other countries it if keeps the western people affluent and well to do.11- It creates wars and support the military industerial complex.12- Same inventions it creates are the same that extrminate humans as the war machines and scandals with some medicines.13- The same legal system it provides is the same that is strangulating the socities since laws comes before morals. It make people enemies and deceive one another.14- The fear of western civilization of Islam is not because of terrorism but because it would not tolerate an anti-corruption religion.15- It bended Christianity to agree with the heartless corrupted civilization and did not use Christianity to correct it.Muslims are not waiting for the collpse of the western civilization but wants to revive it. It still have many good things though it started to loose it like opened honest governments and supporting human rights in other continents