Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why I Can Not Be The President Of USA?

When I made Taman Health Plan which takes care of all the Americans main problems for generations to come : health care, Medicare, Medicaid, Social security and Pensions I teased the American politicians by sending this plan to over 70 main organizations in USA in health care, long term care, economics and politics.I knew at that time it will reach them and indirectly I let them know that is my reward is to have a large plan to restructure the Arab and Muslims world as I did to them with my Taman Health Plan. I was hoping to see a plan that fight dictatorship, corruption and eradicate extremism. That was few months prior to the 2004 presidential election when this happened. People at that time were wandering if I am a presidential candidate, dropped from the sky or sent by God. The last one was my choice.The attention I got allowed me to express to them my ideas through the newspapers. Since they felt that I am going strongly against the Arab tyrants they kept my name secret as one of the last kept secrets in America. They were tape wiring my phones even before I realize that which allowed them to be certain that I have no connection to any political organization what so ever.Through this and this website I continued to communicate with them politicians, media and intellectuals. I think some people believe I am guided by God others think I should be seeing a psychiatrist. If you are following my story from day one you will believe the first if you are just jumping in you will assume the second. If you go through my Taman Health Plan ( ) you will now that God talks to me or I am a real genius. I believe the first. If you ask many well known American politicians or media commentators about me they will not be able to give you a straight answer.Others may even thought or felt I may have a political ambitions to be the president of USA one day. These are the reasons that I can not be:1- No one asked me, thank you.2- I would create millions of enemies to me inside America and outside.3- If I belong to one party about 25% of the other party will hate me even if I dance for them the Samba, the Rumba or the Lebanese Debka. If I am independent I may even get more hate votes.4- I would be likely paralysed from making major decisions by the interest groups, the competing party or the people who would like to keep the status quo of the world.5- The media will find stories to attack me and will pick on everything I say or do.6- I forgot I am not even an American and I just got my green card.So what is my ambitions? , please read again this article it is the same to spread democracy and eradicate corruption and terrorism from the Arab and Muslims world.Who do I give Taman Health Plan to? the American people.Who would get the credit for the plan? the American politician who would make major positive changes in the Arab and Muslims world.What I get for myself? the same thing God gave me the Taman Health Plan for: I would see new Arab and Muslim generations living in prosperity, democracy and peace.Who will be this American Politician? the one who will be the next Ronald Reagan.