Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quran: We Will Show Them Our Proofs.

Please read this verse in Quran [41:53] We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things?Please go back and read it again and talk to yourself is this verse God words or Muhammad (PBUH) had invented. If you open the Quran and read more you find many verses talk to you about the greatest creation of God the nature (stars, skies, sun, moon, mountains, tress...) and man.If you are a scientist particularly geologist you will read the miracles in the horizon and beat yourself how an Arabian man in the desert riding a camel will know all these facts. If you are a psychologist, sociologist or a theologian and try to understand Quran and publish a paper in your specialty you will be very surprised how a single man come with all of knowledge and understanding of humans.Go back to the verse and find the wisdom of creation, unlike the angels and the cosmos laws that obey God and follow his orders, man was created to obey God willingly and only after using his mind. We did not see God like the Angels but we are seeing his imprints. So look again to the nature and yourself and see the great gifts of God to you in the nature and in yourself. If you think God created man and filled him with his spirit and put the nature to serve him would n't that God deserve to be worshipped. If he gives you the right path as in the Bible and Quran would not you follow his path. If this path is your happiness in your earth and afterlife would n't you follow his path.If you do not believe the verse God asks you in other verse in Quran about the creation of the nature and yourself make a strong evidence to him and us. If you feel that you do not need to know or there is no answer be ready because this is the same bride that caused Satan to be casted out of heaven.The verse in Quran: some of the people are searching for God with no knowledge, faith or enlightening book. So if you search for God sincerely with knowledge, willing to be faithful (if convinced) and enlightening book (Bible and Quran) God will direct you to him. Another verse in Quran: who is searching for us will direct him to our path. Quran is the last message and the most accurately preserved so it deserves to be red very well. If you are not searching because of your bride, inherited religion or hate of religious restrictions I would think you are making a great gamble.I would say you are wise if you are sure there is no hell. If you say but who would deserve to be in hell possibly forever, I would ask you who would deserve to be in heaven forever. If you say God has a great compassion that we only will stay for few days you better be sure and try few minutes in the earth first and see if you can tolerate fire.If you do not like to follow God because of punishment but because you love him and you think he deserves it there are a lot of verses in the bible and Quran that encourage you to do that. I would say forget about punishment and think of the miracle outside you (the nature) and inside you (yourself) if you think both are created by a God for you he deserves all your attention . If you want to know him more read the Quran.