Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Should You Become A Muslim?

You should not, I am kidding, just take it easy. There is no compulsion in religion but for all of these reasons you should become a Muslim:1- Is there an eternal life? If you can prove there is no eternal life you should not convert to Islam, you do not even need to explore religion. I do not know however how you can prove there is no eternal life. Science has advanced much in the last hundred years but it can not prove or disprove there is an eternal life. The only way to prove it is to wait until you die. The one problem is there is no second chance. There are already people sent from God called prophets and warned about this eternal life that it can be heaven or hell. You just can not afford to wait until the day of judgement and say "Woops I was wrong, can I go back".2- Is there is a God?. You can again try to disprove it but I do not know how you can do that. You have to either prove scientifically that you searched everywhere in the universe and you did not find God. If you have succeeded to prove that, you have then to prove that things can be created without a creator.3- Try to edit your Quran?. Since you do not think the Quran is from God and made by humans make one and call people to believe that you are a prophet from God. I personally can not do it and if I do it people will discover my errors and notice my laughing eyes. You have to do a very good job when you edit your Quran since Quran is believed by 1.5 billion Muslims.4- Could there be no God, no reality in Quran and no Eternal life?. It could be but the chances are that there is God, a real Quran and a certain eternal life. You could gamble but the loss is just to grave that a reasonable person would not gamble with his eternity.5- Can be no creation but chance or spontaneous intelligence that created the world?. We did not have proofs that chance does a lot. The chances that a closed empty safe would be opened after thousands of years to be found full of Cash is simply zero. The chances that one atom can from no where ended by creating a complex world with structures like us is equal to zero.6- Could you explain human spirituality?. Why we feel this good spiritual feeling when we talk or pray to God?. Where this feeling came from?. Why even people who do not have prophets sent by God try to find religion even create one?. Why many people even with false brides in their early lives as they mature and get older realize their spirituality and the existance of God?.7- If you can not disprove God existence, the creation, the human spirituality and the day of judgements you have to come honest with yourself. Life is short and if there is an afterlife you are comparing zero with infinity. You have the obligation to yourself to save it from hell fire and claim your eternal life in paradise.8- Can you go on with no God in your life?. You can but you will feel emptiness that you can never be able to fill by your possessions, success or ego. You will feel lonely and you will die lonely.9- Why should you miss the enjoyment of Islam?. Yes enjoyment in praying and feeling God existence in all your daily life.10- Why should not you enjoy the peace and serenity of Islam?. You will tell me are you joking with all this troubled Muslim world where is peace. You got me in this one. The Muslim world is like a giant who has no wisdom and crushing people around him. The problem is not Islam but the Muslims who are not following the wisdom of their religion to change their situation. The west helping to radicalize the Muslim world and then turn to you and tell you "I told you that is what Islam is all about".11- Why I need to be in the failed minority?. You are wrong on this one, Islam will prevail and fill the earth with peace and justice. You need Islam and the good of Islam to yourself and to our world. Islam is the religion of God and he promised us his kingdom in earth.