Sunday, January 27, 2008

Preparing Muslims for Al Mahdi.

If we to prepare the earth for Al Mahdi we have to do the following:1- We have to go back to our Islam. We have to be moderate and wise.2- We have to end Sunni and Shia clash. This how the enemies of Islam prevailed they incite wars between us.3- End Fatah and Hamas fight. I just listened to an American politician saying that we are hitting Hamas by Fatah.4- We have to stand strong against the Arab tyrants. That is how the west controlled the Arab masses by supporting tyrants. We can not fight them or have revolutions against them but we can win more of people around them as intelligent officers, army, police, universities... We have to prepare ourselves to pull the rug from under their feet. Most Muslims even in high power would prefer to be with Al Mahdi than the tyrants. They would not loose their eternity for fake people.5- We should not declare war against the west. We will never win a military war and we are not called for a military war. We should conduct a political war and we are able to win it.6- We have to unite first. We have as moderates expose the plan of some in the west to incite radicalization in the Muslim world then declare widespread war against Islam.7- We should not fall in the plans of some in the west. They want simply to argue that the best course of world politics is to keep the Muslim and Arab world like it is. Any major restructure would jeopardize their interest.8- The fact is the state of the world is maintained by the rich elites of the world. We can not fight them but we can pull the rug from under their feet by having more support for us.9- To have more support we have to reach the good and fair people of major religions and the liberals. We have to make our case for them and win their support.10- We have to understand that the elites are using the Christians right so if anyone has a plan to the world they would fight him as the anti-Christ for the greed of power and money of the elites. They would even use Muslims against someone who is pro-Mahdi.11- We have to win a lot of Christians right to our case many misunderstood the prophecies and the religion of Islam.12- Many in the west know that the Islamic giant is waking up and they are trying to oppress him. Many do not even believe in God but the power in their hands and the money in their banks.13- Muslims have a lot of people to recruit to Islam. We have a lot of people who would agree on our call for justice and equality. The elites are few but they are controlling many in the world particularly the Christians right who are by any standards good people.14- The elites are conducting a campaign against Islam. They do not take in account that Islam is the religion of the strong God of Israel they are not fearful of the day of judgment.15- The peace we are looking for is not acceptable by the elites. They are making their money by selling weapons to the Arab countries and Israel. They are not keen in seeing peace in this area. They are for wars and more wars.16- Iran has to play the world politics cautiously. The elites want another war to quell the Muslims and unite the west.17- Muslim masses can not do much since we do not have the Mahdi yet but God would not change people until they change themselves. We have to go back to Islam we have to be good Muslims we have to be ready with our hearts and minds for major change in our spiritual and political lives."Verily Allah will not change the condition of people until they change it themselves." - Qur'an 13:11.