Sunday, January 27, 2008

Satan Existence: Proofs.

It may not sound scientific and very commonly not mentioned in politics the word Satan. Commonly people mention God though a lot of them in real life are very faithful students to Satan. He is actually the greatest world politician and the Prince of our world. It is very easy to make this conclusion by studying the world affairs. Let me list below the proofs of existence of Satan:1- Greed: you find the rich people controlling the world and doing very little to combat the severe poverty around the globe. For many good people who enjoy being generous it makes them see the strong control of Satan to people desire for giving the poor. The same people may spend a lot of wasted money in their pleasure with no regret while the poor are dying of hunger. That equally speaks of Satan control.2- Wickedness: you hear a lot of people even politicians and religious leaders speak the word of God and the teachings of the prophets meanwhile do the exact opposite. Their tongues do not speak their hearts or their minds. You may be lucky to be able to read them but commonly they are used to deceive and lie all their lives that it is very difficult to read them.3- Not appreciating feeling wicked: Evil people like Saddam and Hitler do not feel they are wicked on the other hand they feel they are the gift of God to the human history. This proves very well that behind these wicked beings are a master who is more wicked than them. The good in their heart is slim that Satan can easily deceive them.4- Evil look and evil face: some people you can read the evil in their face they simply say hi we are giving you signs that Satan behind our looks fool.5- Tyrants and Mass Killers: Hitler and Saddam are good example of how the evil exceeds every one imagination that one have to believe Satan is behind their acts.6- The evil in all earth and its magnitude everywhere speaks of the Prince of our world Satan. It is like we all in a silent passive praying and obeying to Satan. Very few voice are screaming load to change the wrong direction of humanity. If you are a doctor it is better to have more of sick people for your practice, if you are a lawyer it is better to have people fighting so you have more cases and if you are manufacture weapons it will be more profitable to have wars. We lost the collective conscience of seeing where is the humanity is going and how we can change its direction.7- Enjoying evil: though enjoying good is better and more rewarding in earth and the after-life people choose more the evil which speaks well of the strong control of Satan of human behavior. A common case in the American media where a man killed his beautiful pregnant wife with his child for no good reason. Satan outsmarted him and he lost everything.8- Which Craft: It is becoming more common and some people instead of praying to God they seek witch crafting with Satan to control their affairs it may work shortly but not always and God punish them severely in the day of judgment.9-Worshiping statues, stones, animals and other creation. So for common sense the created can not be the creator, this gives you cut clear evidence of Satan influence in human thoughts. Other idols include leaders, movie stars, money, gold, silver and so forth. The God who create us all and gave us enormous gifts only have few minutes a day from us or we use his name when we try to express our a feeling of surprise. The God of Quran wants all our life to be for him and when this happened will be united on his love and creating the righteous human unity that will be our joy and salvation.10-Atheists: not even to recognize existence of God is a strong argument for existence of Satan. See under existence of God proofs in my web to appreciate that mind, heart and spirit prove God's existence.11-Divisions of religions: the presence of a lot of religions and the presence of a lot of sects of every religions is used by atheists to attack religions. In fact that is the warning of God of Satan attempt and promise to do that and he succeeded. God wants us to have a common dominator which is being righteous and to argue pleasantly in debating religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam each was one religion and after the prophets we divided each on sects and each rejected and despised the other sect and even war ignited between them. This is a strong evidence that Satan even achieve his goals through religions.12-Animosity and wars: the presence of war all over the human history despite what peace can do to humanity speaks well of Satan control of the world. God is willing to help us and provide us with salvation if to follow his path and being righteous. We are however faithfully obeying Satan.13-Oppressing voices that try to unite the humanity.