Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aversion To Islam.

The paradox of Islam is if you look superficial it does not look attractive or even repulsive but if you look deep you find it amazingly sound. I will mention here why is that?1- The prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) is always compared to Jesus (PBUH). Both are carrying the same message of spirituality and God's commandments. The message of Jesus is to win humanity by love. The message of Muhammad is to win humanity by sound government that allow us to create the just humanity. To tell you the truth both did no work most of the history. Simply Satan was able to get his guys most of history to take over governments. His guys could be Muslims, Christians or other religions. There no doubt some periods in history had great leaders of any or no religion. But Satan continued to be the princess of the world.2- Islam was described as the religion of worriers and Christianity the religion of Saints. The truth is in both there were worriers and Saints. In both there is great spirituality. But one has to be spiritually right. Reading both the Quran and Bible are the way to know the God of Abraham our father.3- Women as a second class citizens in Islamic communities. The fact she was less than a citizen before Islam. The flexibility in Islamic interpretation of Sharia law and the progress of societies should continue to allow us to advance the rights of women. In the same time we would prevent her from becoming a commodity like in some cultures.4- Islam religion of materialism: the truth it is the religion of moral capitalism where people continue to make money and lift other people with them.5- For many Christians Jesus is the savior and anything else come short. I have no problem but just let you know that if Christ was alive today he would be angry of what our world looks like. The ten commandments are broken, the rich is oppressing the poor and the strong is threatening the weak with the blessings of many religious leaders in both great religions.6- I do not like a lot of Muslims. I have the same problem and I am a Muslim. I love a lot of Christians and I am not a Christian.