Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Jesus Second Coming?

God does what he would like to do, the world is his creation including me and you. Many times why could not understand his wisdom or takes us years to know it. I personally have things happened to me to discover its wisdom after over 20 years while at the time it happened it just looked strange. We may not know fully why God choose Jesus to come again to earth. But we can speculate:1- He was not victorious in his first mission despite all miracles he has showed to people and his great message that illuminates people's hearts and minds.2- His message is love which is likely the last step of human enlightenment. After justice and peace prevail love to God will fill our hearts and unite us with the universe and one another. If we are injust or violent to one another the word love will be absurd, foolish or nonexistent.3- He will unite the three major religions. Muhammad (PBUH) completed the message of God and Jesus will judge according to the message of God.4- Jesus know it all, in his first coming he knew by heart the old testament and he was quoted for a lot of the 4 gospels. He will know also Islam and in his time the knowledge of all God's revelations will fill the earth.5- The win of Jesus by love and worshiping God will be the best win against evil. Prophets before him lost many times, or won through struggles, wars and God's disasters against the evil. As you see his second coming will be too good to be true. But people who red prophecies of the three religions realized that they come true. The one we see in front of our eyes today is the return of the Jews to the promised land as prophesied in the three religions to happened at the end of time. We should cherish that not to ruin it. The Palestinians will have a country and peace with the Israeli. Not at any time in history Muslims, Christians and Jews are ought to follow his teachings and make the world full of peace and justice like today. Let us make the world ready for Jesus second coming and for the kingdom of God in earth.