Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Real Passion

I saw the Passion of the Christ. No doubt is a great movie, however I would loved most to see the Message of the Christ. That is what we need to learn most nowadays. With the degradation of morality and the widespread corruption the message of the Christ is all we need to learn and apply now. The real passion in this world is to spread the common good and fight corruption between all of us. Who killed the Christ (as Christians believe) or were attempting to kill him (as Muslims believe) is corruption and jealous. The same enemies of every messenger. It is of no value to know their ethnic or religious background particularly if we hope for a messianic era. There is no anti-sematism in Islam. God praised the Jews when they were righteous and condemned them when they were not as he did in the old testament. God did the same for the Muslims particularly their hypocrites and those who did not follow his right path. Satan wants us to fight for religious identity and domination. God on the other hand wants us to share the baseline of all religions "being righteous". He wants the most righteous (from all religions and even non believers) to form the hierarchy of governments since it is much easier to spread morality and honesty vertically than horizontally.