Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Twilight Zone.

A lot of people think we are at the end of times. I personally do not know for sure but there are a lot of signs everywhere. I feel like I am four persons together living in the same house.Person one is a religious one gets his information about the end of times from prophecies in the three major religions and related web sites like imam AL Mahdi or Christians web sites as those who are predicting the rupture.Person two is a very serious one that follow the geopolitics in media avenues and see if any thing sound like the end of time.Person three is the funniest one he gets information about end of times from the Hollywood movies like 40 years old virgin, chicken little, ice age 2 and bench-warmers. Those people in Hollywood look like they know things that we do not know.Person four is the real me a boring physician who goes to work almost every day.When I look at the mirror I startle myself I find four of me in the mirror looking in different directions.I look like this gentleman in the T.V who always loose a loan to ditech. In one of the ads there were four of him knocking the same door and they all were turned down for a laon from ditech.