Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Christians Should Love Islam?

Why Christians Should Love Islam? Islam is not the enemy of Christianity and Muslims are not Anti-Christians. These are the things that I would reason why Christians should love Islam:1- The praise of Jesus and his mother Mary is great in Islam.2- Muslims are happily waiting for Jesus second coming.3- Muslims follow Jesus teachings more than a lot of people in the world.4- Muslims are well passioned about the ten commandments and get angry about God ten commandments to Moses that Jesus stressed very well.5- Muslims like many conservative Christians are for family values and pro-life for babies and pro-choice at time of gathering of the man and his wife.6- Muslims like many Christians in the left for fighting aggressively the world wide poverty.7- Muslims look with respect to Christians religious leaders and believe in a wise dialogue between religions.8- Real Muslims are against any discrimination or oppression of any religious or ethnic groups.9- Muslims do not believe in conquering Christianity. Conversion to other religion is only through dialogue and Muslims love people to convert to their religion only when they are quite convinced. It does not help them for someone to convert in the morning to Islam quit at night. We actually encourage non-Muslims to read contradictions in Islam first before they convert