Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Intelligent Design.

Why people need proof of intelligent design when there is no proof of random design. On the other hand, the theory of evolution needs too much effort to trace the evolution of one species or to try to prove one species has evolved to another. It does not prove or disprove there is a creator behind the evolution. If you asked a child 3 years and a boy 14 years old to draw a car for you and the 3 years old made scribbled lines while the 14 years old draw a car you can say about the second draw there is intelligence behind it. God states in The Quran "who (God) gave everything its creation and then gave it its guidance". For example the DNA is created by God and the DNA continue to do the cellular functions each DNA is made for. If there is no God who did that. If you do not accept God I have this for you. All the cells of human body came into one room. One cell stood up and greeted all other cells "you doing a great job, we need to continue to control every thing well, we need to maintain the homeostasis (steady state of body): body temperature, fluid, electrolytes, glucose, calcium, hormones, red blood cells,.... everything with a tight range. We need those doctors to find everything within the normal range when they check them. All cells made sounds to express their agreement. As the cells started to leave the room one cell asked the leading cell "are you the intelligent design". The leading cell shacked her head and smiled "yes it is me". She was a liar every cell has its brain (DNA) or intelligent design. The DNA is the brain of the cell it was created at certain point. It continues to do its functions that it was guided to do. Even if an organ control other organs there is no one cell or organ can say I am the one that control all other organs or cells. There is no creator cell or a God cell. All are the creation of God. To understand the intelligent design you need to find the smallest part of matter or living organism that can represent them (molecule or DNA respectively). If you can not prove a random design you accepted the intelligent design. If this intelligent design is not God please give me a name.