Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jesus Belong To All Of Us.

Jesus is not a republic or democrat. He is not a sole Muslim or Christian. He belongs to all of us. His message is clear is to win the world by love. His enemies were strong and their wickedness was huge. God could have destroyed all his enemies but his salvation timed to God's wisdom and will and not us. The message of the Jesus is that of justice and equality. His message is all about humanity. It transcends through all ages and to all people. Islam is very pro-Christ and we believe our salvation is through his teachings. Muhammad carried the same message with different approach. If you study religion you find prophets that never fought and others were ordered to fight for their religions. In history like in Noah God destroyed humans in few hours or days. Islam is a practical religion. He does not order you to love your enemy but to try to win him with logics and find a way of peaceful existence whenever possible. Good government does not only provide good living to all its citizens including your enemies but it can unite people with the baseline of their religions: humanity, the common good and morals. For Jesus to come back we have to be ready to receive him. For sure he would not come in the same situation as his first coming otherwise people may consider crucifying him. This is why many prophecy writers in Christianity and Islam believe in the time of tribulation. It is hard time to all people and God wants us to go back with our hearts and minds to him. Our salvation is in our hands we deserve Christ when we are ready for him Muslims, Christians or others.