Sunday, January 27, 2008

The March To The Middle.

When I proposed The Moral Utopia Project (somewhere in my blog, I lost it) I thought I will be making everyone happy:1- God for let me have his ten commandments respected again and to have no usury.2- The capitalists to make them even make more money and lift everyone.3- The poor and middle class to be more prosperous.4- The politicians to make peace between them and solve a lot of problems to them.5- The west and east to have peaceful coexistence.6- To the oppressed to have their freedom.7- Finding a new political system that is away from the divisive party system and the influence of special interest groups would make governing fair and easy.8- To solve threatening world problems in systematic pattern: sex trafficking, potential wars, drug trafficking, global worming,....9- To get people to march to the middle so we meet in the middle and find a common plan to our existence and coexistence.However the plan did not have ears to for many reasons:1- Satan will inspire a lot of people against my plan.2- The Christians right, who are commonly right, are wrong on this one, anyone will have such a plan would be considered by them for wrong interpretation of prophecies the Antichrist.3- Immoral greedy capitalism would not take any chances with any plan.4- The rich and corrupt in the world (many of them are Muslims) would not give in to such a plan.5- Jealous is my worst enemies this is may be the reason I am enjoying being in the shadow.I am not a rigid thinker. As a home-based politician I consider flexibility and consensus the way to do politics. If you are keen to do good policies you have to do good politics (politics is the rob that will fly your Kaye or policies). That is why we need dialogue between the west and Arab/Muslims to look at all the problems we have and try to solve them.If the west refuses the dialogue we as Muslims: the public, the scholars, the elites and the leaders or dictators need to sit together in a large conference and solve our problems.If we could not have the west to join us in the March to the Middle at least we Arabs and Muslims do our own March.