Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why feminists Should Embrace Islam

The west loves to present Islam as an oppressing regime to women. There is too much of misinformation. Muslims also are contributing to that. The Saudi hypocrites regime where some of the rich men enjoy the sexual revolution in the west and oppress women in their homes is an example. The Taliban oppressive regime that failed to create a regime that promote virtue and maintain women freedom is also to be blamed.Western women particularly feminists should embrace Islam for the following reasons:1- When Islam came to the Arab tribes women were buried alive as newborn, were looked as an embarrassment and had very low value in community. Islam liberated and elevated women. The one after Muhammad (PBUH) death known one of the best to teach Muslims their religion and narrate Hadith (Sayings other than Quran) was his wife Asha. The pleasure of his life was his daughter Fatima.2- In Islam women can progress anywhere. She can attain any education and hold any position. She has her own money and decide who she marries to.3- Polygamy is the exception and not the norm. The messenger polygamy that started at age of 51 is one of the greatest tests to him and me. He married some old women to be their supporter or even to please their family. No man would like to take this burden. He taught men how to deal with women and make all of them love him.4- Islam separates women in places of education and work to protect women. Sexual desire is strong particularly for men and ends in a lot of legal problems in America including sexual abuse and broken marriages. Islam believes that prevention is better than cure.5- Islam believes in virtue all time. However It acknowledges human weakness that is why it stresses on prevention. For sinners there is compassion. They can repent and adopt the mechanisms they need to take to prevent further sinning.6- Illegitimate pregnancies are very rare in true Islamic country. It is very destructive to the western countries. The countries have to take care of single non-supported mothers with a lot of financial and social problems. Children who we are failed to be raised properly many times can be a burden on the country particularly the legal system.7- Sexually transmitted diseases, worst is AID's and infertility costs the country a lot on paying for health care and social services. No doubt they are more rare in Muslim countries.8- Women should be looked as the other half and not in competition with man. If a man can afford to have his wife to stay at home he is encouraged in Islam to do that for the good of families and countries. But it is a very personal decision.Thus woman value in Islamic community is even higher than man. The messenger mentioned in two sayings "heaven is under the feet of mothers" and " when a man asked the messenger who is the best to be one's companion the messenger told him: your mother, the man: who next, the messenger: your mother, the man: then who next, the messenger: your mother, the man: who next, the messenger: your father".