Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Muslims Can Win The World Struggle (Overwhelm Them)

The world struggle is between the fair and just and the so/so. The latter is those who are unjust and those who are just but want to go slow/slow. It is like the people who are rich and have health insurance some of them do not care about the other 48 millions who are not insured. They do not care if they to see Taman Health Plan that covers all Americans vanish or come true. For the majority who are Muslims, Christians and Jews who are fair and just let us act now and do not go slow. It is like Taman Health Plan mortality and morbidity in America can be cut down by this plan what we are waiting for. Let us have a just world for all:1- Let us in all Muslim web sites write and repeat this two words "Justice and Equality For All".2- Let these two words reciprocate as well in Christians and Jewish websites. Let them inspire us all.3- Let us have a great conference about these two words "Justice and Equality For All".4- Let us tell the Arab and Muslims streets their rights for these two words "Justice and Equality`For All".5- Let us tell Jihadis we have better plans than what they call for.6- Let us get America out of Iraq. Put it politely they have language barrier with the Arabs all along the road.7- Let us have the Americans pretend nothing there and start from scratch with a new plan for Justice and Equality for all.8- Let us entertain ourselves have a leader hiding in a website that has no face and let us follow his call.9- Let us be our own leaders. Let us be the motivators and the followers. Let us be the generals and the soldiers.10- Let us do it with no wars. Let us do it with overwhelming call for Justice and peace for all.11- Let us have Hollywood do the scenario, the cast and the call.Sounds like a poem to me, I do know what you think.