Sunday, January 27, 2008

Myths About Islam.

There are a lot of myths about Islam. The reasons for that is the information about Islam in the western world is provided by people who are ignorant or prejudice and hateful of Islam. The war of crusaders, colonism and imperialism led to the belief in the west that Islam is the chronic enemy of the western world. Looking for the end of time prophecies and the Antichrist in the Christian prophetic thinking caused the Islam to emerge as the ideal candidate for many Christians. The fact is Muslims like Christians are awaiting with eagerness and happiness of the second coming of Christ.Some of the myths are:1- Quran is written by Muhammad:the answer is simple Muhammad did not read or write and Quran is linguistic miracle to all the Arabs. Though this reason alone is enough, there are more than 60 reasons proves that Muhammad is a prophet from God, please see in my blog "Muhammad is a prophet from God at least 60 reasons.2- Quran is written by Muhammad as dictated to him from a Jewish man or a like:Muhammad had the Quran inspired and declared to people over 23 years. No one saw a Jewish man dictate the Quran to him. Muhammad was watched by hundreds of people every day. Muslims were in and out his house for long hours.3- The Arabs conspired to come up with the Quran:It is clear from the history that no one else involved. The Quran was only declared to people by Muhammad. No one else seen or proved as a co-writer of the Quran (no one either saw Muhamad write the Quran). It will be very difficult to imagine a human would write the Quran and would not take the credit for himself for that.4- Satan inspired Muhammad with the Quran:The Quran is warning against Satan and describe well the path to God as in the Bible.5- Muslims worship Muhammad:Muslims worship the God of Muhammad and the universe, the same God of the Bible. Muhammad was described in the Qruan as God's servant. He was the most dedicated of worshipers of God.6- Islam rejects or hates Jesus:Jesus has a great place in Islam. Enough praise is that the kingdom of God will be established in his second coming.7- Islam is the religion of Arabs:Arabs are only 15% of Muslims.8- Islam was spread by sword:No compulsion in faith in Islam. The pride of God would not allow him to have people turn to Islam without their heart and mind full of faith and conviction.9- Islam is intolerant to other religions:Islam expands to win people from other religions by being tolerant to other religions.10- Islam degrades women:Islam liberated and protected women the literature about that is best written by Muslim women.11- Islam wants to dominate the world:Islam wants justice and goodness to prevail and if Islam can provide it why not?12- Muslims are inferior:When there were true Islam for 1000 year Islam was a great civilization. Colonism and imperialism as well the oppression that the west worked to maintain led to the inferiority of Muslims.13- Islam is a cult:No secrets in Islam and no closed doors, Islam is opened to all people and welcome them.14- Islam is too complicated of a religion:Islam is a simple religion and the more complicated issues and sciences in Islam are for the people who like to go deeper in their research. For most Muslims the simple 5 pillars of Islam Shahada, prayer, percent of money to the poor, fasting and pilgrim to Mekka once in life time is what is required.15- Islam is against reason:Islam is the religion of reason. We know God in Islam by reason and we know that the Quran is God's book by reason.16- The God of Islam is not that of the Bible:Read in my blog Allah and the God of the Bible there at least 20 reasons to believe he is the same God.17- Muslims are aggressive and violent:Muslims love to live in peace and Islam is about peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims.18- God of Islam is the God of the moon:Islam unlike pagan religions have only one God the creator of the whole universe. Science tells us there are physio-chemical laws in the universe that are stable and not contradictory. If one to deduct something is the universality of the laws of creation that attest to one creator.19- Islam is against democracy:The consultation system in Islam is better than democracy there are politicians that work in consensus and not a fighting parties. It is more like the way doctors do it now when they put guidelines for treating certain disease they gather the best in the field and through reviewing the literature besides their experience and consensus they come up with guidelines. They are not split half Republic and half Democrat.20- Minorities are oppressed in Islam:Islam believes that every non-Muslim is a potential Muslim. The infidel is a name give to people who fight and oppress Muslims. The justice of Islam not only requires but also obligates Muslims to have non-Muslims feel free and prosperous within a Muslim majority.