Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is Allah The God Of The Bible?

It is a very important question if not the most important question of our time. For Muslims he is the same God of the Bible for a lot of reasons:1- The authority of the God of the Bible you feel it in the speech of God in Quran.2- The Allah of Quran requires the same creed of faith of one God as the old testament. It is the most important for God is this main point of creed. You would expect that from a God who created the universe and own it.3- The Allah in Quran is telling us the same story of the creation and Satan rebellion against God and temptation of Adam and Eve.4- The Allah of Quran warns us of Satan and evil like he does in the Bible.5- The Allah of Quran praises his prophets and many mentioned with their stories in the Quran and Bible. 6- The Allah of Quran has the praise of Jesus like the new testament. However he explains the confusion about his true humanity. He did not hate Jesus for that confusion in fact he promised his second coming and that Jesus will establish the kingdom of God in Earth.7- The God of the Bible had prophecies about prophet Muhammad which came true as well the Quran itself.8- The Allah of Quran promised that the Quran will be kept as such with no change and it was kept as he promised. He did not promise that in the Bible.9- The Allah of Quran and God of the Bible promised that will be one nation at end of time and he know the history.10- The God of the Quaran has prophecies in Quran or through his messenger that came true. The same the Allah of Bible has done.11- The name Allah was used by Jesus himself, Allah and God both are one and the same.12- The God of dreams and vision that come true that can happen to any people even the pagans is the same Allah of Quran.13- The God of Moses and the ten commandments is the same as the Allah and the ten commandments that are in the Quran.14- The God and Allah both are promising heaven and hell. Both have the same because both are one and the same.15- The Allah and God had the prophecy in both Islam and the Bible that the Jews will come to Israel in the end of time and they are there now after 2000 years of dispersion.16- The Allah of Quran and the Bible has the same attributes in both Books of justice, mercy, strength and so forth.17- The Allah of Quran as the God of the Bible guide us to his way through his prophets, holy books and true guidance. The latter is achieved when one is sincere and wants God to direct him to the right religion.18- The Allah of Quran as the God of Bible his ways are the same. He punish people when they turn against his commandments by enemies or natural disasters.19- The Allah of Quran as the God of Bible the ways to reach him are the same to pray and praise him as well obey his commandments.20- The Allah of Quran as the God of the Bible he would forgive all your sins if you come back to him. He is very strong and capable and very kind and compassionate. We are the one who are choosing which attributes of God we would like to see.As you see too much in common in both Allah and God that it would be very difficult to think they are not one and the same. If Muhammad would have imitated the God of the Bible it would be very strange. Why he would do that and if he believes there is God would not he be afraid of the consequences?. If he Does not believe that there is God there why he would be such faithful person and give faith to over 1.4 billion people. Whey would we continue to believe him as Muslims. If Satan has inspired him with the Quran it would make Satan a very nice guy that want to spread morality and have the God of the Bible worshiped by the whole world. The Quran is just too difficult for a human to create that makes the Allah of Quran a very true God and make Muslims believe the God of the Bible is the one and the same God of the Quran. Christians have the struggle to believe the Quran since they took Jesus as his son second to misinterpretation of their gospels. For Muslims there is freedom of faith and we are sharing Christians in promoting the teachings of Jesus and his second coming.