Sunday, January 27, 2008

Muhammad (PBUH) a prophet from God: Proofs

There are a lot of proofs of the truth of Muhammad peace be upon him (PBUH) as a messenger from God, among these proofs:1- Honesty Proof: Before the Angel Gabriel come to Muhammad (PBUH) at age of 40 years old, he was named the truthful and trustworthy in Mecca. The first two people who believed in him when he received the revelation were those who knew him the best his wife and his best friend Abu Baker. People did not hear a lie from him and even his enemies did not say the opposite (except for the message). You have to trust them if you read the history they would be happy if they can find a lie or a sin to him unrelated to the message. He was under the microscope as to speak all the time. Who would think a man who never lied to people will make the major lie that God sent him. It is put well in Quran that the worse is the one who claims falsely that he has God's revelation or that who will read God's revelation and say it is not his. More believers over the decades came to believe in his religion and Islam is the fastest growing religion.2-Linguistic Proof: Muhammad (PBUH) was illiterate does not know how to read or write. The Quran was a very new type of Arabic style that Arab did not know before. It is not poetry but has beautiful music and nothing in Arabic literature came close to it. It is considered by all means to be a linguistic miracle. You may say but some Arabs are not Muslims I would tell you most of them did not read it and the few who red it just picked what makes their case but many who were unbiased ended to be Muslims. Hadith which is the wise sayings that Muhammad (PBUH) taught Muslims were also inspired by God but was different from Quran that if you hear both you can know which is which. Muhammad (PBUH) never known to read or write as mentioned before. I challenge any one to get non-Muslim fluent in Arabic to make up a similar to Mariam (Virgin Mary) Sura in Quran. Even people who do not speak Arabic represent 80% of Muslims.3-Temptation Proof: Muhammad (PBUH) was tempted by the leaders of Mecca to disregard his new religion early and they promised to collect money for him to be the richest, appoint him as their king or marry the most beautiful woman he wants at a time he has only one wife who is 15 years older than him.4-Scientific Proof: Quran has a lot of scientific facts about the universe and human body. If you hit scientific miracles in Islam in the Internet you will find a lot of sites have papers and books in this regard.5-Biblical Proof: Muhammad (PBUH) recited in Quran the stories in the bible in a beautiful way. Moses story is recited seven times you enjoy reading it every time. Joseph story is the love of every Muslim. Muhammad (PBUH) was illiterate and practiced no religion before Islam. Some people said a Jewish man was helping him. The Quran was sent over 23 years no one saw a Jewish man teaching him, Muslims were around him everywhere. In fact the Quran came in Arabic and the Torah was in Hebrew. Same prophet and angels like in the bible and almost same message of glorifying God and avoiding major sins (most of ten commandments) and doing the good deeds. Same God of the Bible who is just stands with his people when they are righteous and leave them to their enemies when they betray him.6-Complete Personality Proof: It is impossible that one person will gather all the characters of good manners, wisdom, bravery and nobleness. It is impossible to believe that man was a liar and a false prophet. Similarly most people tempted by Satan are not moralistic and you can see the evil in their behavior and read the lies in their faces.7-A Glorified God Proof: Muhammad (PBUH) described a completely perfect God. A God that you expect him to be. He made all creation, knows every thing about his creation. He is the author of history and in the same time allowed man the free will to choose the good and evil. He is very powerful in his punishment and very kind in his mercy. His compassion preceded his justice. So when God's 'wrath happens people deserve it. There sins had piled up and their hearts became full of rust. Man arrogance over history continued the same. He knew what incites God's wrath and continued to do the evil deeds. Jonah (the prophet Yunis in Arabic) had promised God 's wrath to his people. They repented and God changed his plan. God gave through his prophets the best program to be humans and how to be righteous and live happy and peaceful but we fell to our sins and greed. Stress, hate and psychiatric problems are reflection of this failed civilization. Satan has tempted a lot of people from different religions including Muslims to do the evil and neglect God's path so the earth became corrupted. He also tempted them to oppress and exploit the weak and in same time make them feel the righteous8-Loyalty Proof: The strong believe of the message of Muhammad (PBUH) besides the great love to him made Muslims willingly sacrifice his (or her) self, money or even family. When a member of one family was fighting Muhammad his brother or son would defend Muhammad. It is not a blind royalty it is a strong believe that his religion is the truth and the way to eternal happiness. Many great prophets were fighting back their enemies, the old testament is full of stories. It is the strong belief that man made to worship God and spread his civilized message to all the world.9-Biography proof: Not only no one in history has his biography preserved as him but also no one has many of his followers eat and drink like him. His biography is well known to most Muslims. They recited his Quran, remembered his hadith, applied his teachings and imitated his manners.10-Followers Proof: If you go to Mecca during Pilgrim you will find people that came from every race, color and country to Hajj. You will find the richest and wisest mingling with the ordinary people. All humble to his message and stand in lines to pray to his God.11-Exponential proof: Muhammad (PBUH) real good followers were able to spread Islam many times exponentially. People accepts Islam quickly since it turns them to a new spiritual life from the material life they lived in. It is very logistic and appeals to the mind as it does to the heart. It helps them as well to establish a regime of governing that stands for honesty, justice and prevent corruption. It removes all idols and gather Muslims in God's love and obedience. There is no discrimination or suppression of non-Muslims. They are infidels only when they fight and oppress Muslims otherwise they are our brothers in humanity.12-Suffering Proof: As most of prophets he suffered a lot. The daily harassment and oppression to him and his followers for 12 years in Mecca and the wars he endured after he left it to El Medina. Unlike most leaders he was in the front of his army. God put him through a lot of testing like he did with Abraham and he lost a lot of his children. He used to stand a good part at night to pray when most people are sleeping in bed and he fasted a lot when people were eating. If not for all these sufferings you may have some doubt or you may think the Arab made it up to invade the world.13-Prophecy Proof: Muhammad (PBUH) has prophesied a lot of prophecies that came true. He himself was prophesied by Moses, Isiah and Jesus.14-Miracles Proof: God avoided to prove Muhammad (PBUH)message through miracles for a good reason the message (Quran) itself is an everlasting miracle. Many Muslims saw few miracles as the water coming between his fingers, the blessing of food and the cloud that followed them all the way to cover their heads and protect them from the hot sun in a long trip. The wisdom of his message is to have the miracle in the message itself. Muslims read the message (Quran) daily particularly in their prayers.15-Productivity Proof: If someone told me this man runs all the government by himself or told me this textbook of internal medicine is the experience of one author only I have to say he is a liar. Muhammad (PBUH) was the prophet, the president, the prim-minister, the chief judge, the minister of defense, the minister of finance, the minister of foreign affairs, the imam, the front soldier and the comforter of all Muslims. He would consult them for things that God left for Muhammad so Muslims learn through history to have a widespread consultation. He was teaching Koran and Hadith to his followers day and night. He was praying a long part of the night and he was fasting at least twice a week sunset to sundown in very hot desert with not drinking water through the period of fast. Besides he was a father and grandfather have more than 9 wives that he try to make peace between them. He gathered all Arabs to the message of Islam and softened their hearts to love his message and love each other in a very tough and rough culture. The stone hearted harsh Arabian turns to a very dissent loving person in days when he converts to Islam. The fighting Arab tribes became brothers and made a great civilization. As you expect with all religions Satan put again the love of power, money, greed, selfishness and animosity in their heart. When people become bad God leave for them Satan to do his work and oppress them with the worst leaders is no Islam there now but only few real Muslims.16-Polygamy proof: God had put Muhammad in a big test beside all missions, he had to marry after age of 51 more than 9 wives two of the wives were the daughter and brother of his enemies that were killed in wars with Muslims. No one would do that, simply he may fear they will hate him or even kill him in sleep. Besides managing one woman would be considered a life-taking job for many men. If he was not a true prophet he would never do that he will fear one of the wives may come out and say I caught him in a lie or another would say he has a temper. For me it is the ultimate test of prophethood. How can a man emotionally control all these wives. People knows well men who womanize start at an early age. They do not like sufferings, but pleasures and they commonly drink alcohol, enjoy food and like to have a good and peaceful life. The messenger life was very humble and full of sufferings he commonly ate few dates as the only food in a day. His marriages were more of supporting women and serving other social functions. When he was young at age of 25 he married older woman and did not have any other wife or sinned when he had all the time before his message. Muslims found it very acceptable even Muslim women who would never let their husband marry a second woman. The only problem Muslims have is the need to explain that to non-Muslims. I find it more convincing to ask the inquirer to read Muhammad (PBUH) teachings and biography first and answer that himself. Or put this question to the inquirer: suppose you are not a prophet and you came up with a faked message for a noble cause and you continued to lie to the people about this message (while keeping honest in every thing else) would not you think you will jeopardize your message if you marry more than one woman?. Muhammad (PBUH) never sinned before marriage at 25 years old or after. He married at 25 years old a woman 15 years older than him he started to have more than one wife after her death at age of 51 when most womanizers retire. These are the same times he had a lot of enemies, wars, nation affairs and much teaching and diplomacy to carry out.17-Scholar Proof: If I tell you that one big university Alazhar has millions of people graduated studying his religion you would agree with me that he came with a compelling knowledge deserved the intellect and curiosity of scholars. Many of the best scholars in Islam are actually non-Arabs.Thousands of books published in Islam and the Quran like the Bible the two most published and red books.18-Fear of God Proof: Muhammad (PBUH) was well known to fear God and love him. He would pray and fast a lot and teach morality all time. How can someone fears God and in the same time would lie and bring a message that he calls it from God. It is impossible to any reasonable thinker that one man's life is fear of God and in the same time he well spend 23 years lie to people about God.19-Persistence in message proof: Muhammad (PBUH) went through all sufferings and never gave up. The God of Quran is the same strong God when Muslims were few and weak up to the last days Muhammad (PBUH) lived in earth when Islam filled the Arab Gizera. The prophet last words while he was dying was the advise of Muslims in praying and his happiness to meet his God. If someone thinks all of these are illusion he is better to be very convincing since he will have to convince God with his argument at the day of judgment.20-Make it up proof: after all of the above and you are still not convinced make it up try to find who could be Muhammad (PBUH). People found it so miraculous for someone to come up with this message unless he was sent by God or Satan, the great deceiver. But who would think Satan will give for 23 years a message to a man to curse Satan and praise God and to follow God's commandments. Muhammad (PBUH) always warned his followers about Satan and warned of his hate to man and his desire to have all of us deviate from God's path and to kill each other. Satan is the one who made people to be jealous and be closed minded to the message of Islam. They fought Muhammad (PBUH) and gathered all Arab against him. If not for fighting back and defense this religion could have died 1400 years ago. It is reasonable to have the message that come after Christianity to be strongly defensive since Christians were persecuted harshly and before them the Jews. Through history both Muslims and Christians used holy wars for material reasons that have nothing to do with their messages.