Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Need God and He Does Not Need Us.

Man has tried to deny God or live without him. He failed very badly:1- God can live without man and not vice verse.2- There were time in earth and history were there no man. He can have life continue without man.3- Man is just another species that God has created. Look to man and other species skeletons all just came from the same factory plan.4- Man is created after species of apes-like and God gave him his spirit. No other species were mentioned to have that privilege.5- Man created things but inferior to God creation and from things that God had created. After all no one all of us can create a star, actually not even a fly as the Quran says. Even cloning is not creation but recreation.6- Man created the technology that destroys him.7- Man has both the impulses of good and evil inside him. Though the good is remarkably better for his own existence and happiness man over ages choose the evil as his pathway.8- Men are united by God and in array without him. Everyone without God will be in his own island.9- The most holy gathering of man is in God worship places where men and women feel united by God.10- We all are restless when we peruse our ego and restful and comfortable when we sincerely follow God's call.11- We try to predict the world which is unpredictable and our plan without him is like building castles in the sand.12- Man is the enemy of himself it is not God's plan it is ours. His plan is if we get righteous we will achieve our salvation. Our wars and disasters are the default plan.13- God have sent prophets for our good in this life and afterlife and we use our wickedness to stand against his plans.