Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Muslims Want The West To Convert To Islam.

All Muslims have to run very friendly and civilized campaign to debate our Christians and Jewish friends about the Abrahamic religions. A wide spectrum conversion is quite possible since we have the truth and they are seeking the truth. Most important to leave very good impressions on them even if they do not convert. Muslims who are quite competent in comparative religions are to lead the effort. A lot of things can come out of this conversion.1- Ending the clash of civilization.2- To help the west to liberate us from our tyrants and re-establish our Islam.3- To help us to get rid of terrorism that the west created.4- To prepare the world for the coming of Imam El Mahdi and second coming of Christ.5- To get the best of the Islamic values and the institutions of democracy.6- To eliminate poverty.7- To organize the world so we can use the resources of the earth and prevent wars, crimes, fight diseases...8- The everlasting game of oppressive Arab regimes and the west promise to liberate us is not working. Geo-politically is not even feasible to them.9- To work out with China and Russia to get the best to all their peoples and ours.10- Any nuclear exchange is practically likely to destroy the world.11- All social diseases of western civilization that resulted from materialism will go away by the inner peace and serenity Islam gives to Muslims.There is no compulsion in religion. As a pragmatic Muslim I like people to believe in Islam through debating, criticizing and disputing it. But they have to go all the way and read different opinions. We need pragmatic Muslims within western societies. New Convert should be looked as Muslim Christians or Jewish Muslims. No convert to any religion should be discriminated against.