Friday, January 25, 2008

Solving The Israeli-Palestine Conflict for Good.

The conference that is coming in America about the Israel-Palestine conflict should be helped and worked sincerely by all parties. These are my reasons:1- Both the Israel and Palestine people deserve better lives after all these years of anger, stress and conflicts. Unlike many injustices in the world both parties almost equally retaliated to make the other party existence miserable. Both can lick their wounds and bury the past and go one with their lives.2- Arabs over the decades looked at Israel as the occupier which for Israeli is a religious belief it is the land given to them by same God of the Muslims. My faith is God do care more of our peaceful coexistence and all get righteous for his true messiah Jesus (PBUH) same Jesus of the Bible and not a different one like some want you to think.3- Most of the wars were started by Arabs for them it is thought as right wars to free Palestine from the occupiers. For God it is just to negotiate for them and work it out. Sadat did fight in 1973 when he thought he has no second alternative to get the Egyptian land. He tried the Americans at that time and Rogers initiative but went no where. He made peace with Israel from strength and not weakness. Achieving peace without even political wars should be our aim. Wars are ugly they are exciting in movies but in real life are very devastating. It should be the last resort to all of us and hopefully we do not need to engage in wars.4- For the fear and paranoia the Arab incited in Israel, it felt her survival depends in dividing the Arab. More recently they are working with the Arab tyrants under the table to protect them since it thinks its survival is linked to their survival which is far away from any truth. They are afraid that the radicals will take over. The truth is the radicals are playing smart for the first time in their lives to allow true moderate to take over and replace the tyrants. Why we should believe the radicals because it is God plan. It is like a class of students electing the nice guy to be their head of class. Bullies even silently agreed to avoid confrontation with one another so they did not elect bully as the head of class they elected the nice guy. They all felt peace in their best interest.5- Thus Muslims and Arabs have to continue play smart we need to be powerful without fight, uniting without making people feel their interest is in jeopardy. Promising and insisting in the security of an Israel state. Getting the conflict solved may actually hastens the appearance of Al Mahdi.