Friday, January 25, 2008

The Next American President.

Do not think what I write here means he will be the opposite of president Bush. I am not against the man or his characters but against the tactics, strategies and the way he run the country. At personal level he is described as a likable and a good man. He will likely stop his car to help you change your flat tyre. One year left in his presidency and he may accomplish something great you never now like the Israel-Palestine conflict.The coming American president should have all of the following:1- Down to earth guy we need a humble guy that make the world like us and strong with his ideas and governing through consensus.2- He had to change Washington and do not allow Washington to change him.3- He has to connect well. People has to feel his voice is genuine and his actions are sincere.4- He has to be above the politics.5- He has to believe he is a servant to the people and will happily serve them. We have a saying for the prophet the master of the people is their servant.6- He has to unite the country even if he has to make amendment in the Constitution.7- He has to believe in his mission he has tasks 1 to 8 or so and he would accomplish them.8- It is O.K that we think he is on job training but with his great ideas, listening to the best minds and governing from consensus he will let us feel that he is the most trained to his job.9- He has to distinguish between wisdom and intelligence. The first master the letter and make intelligent people come up with the best advise.10- He has to change the look of America from an imperialistic empire to a force of good that through her progress she lift a lot of people around the world.11- He has to be above the job he has to feel his glory is people satisfaction and his personal peace is their happiness.12- He has to believe in God and feel he has the first to answer to. He has to understand that his personal happiness is that of one heart and his responsibility is that of millions of people when he will answer God in the day of judgement.13- He has to make us feel he is not a CEO, regular politician or technocrat. He has to make us feel he is both a moral and true leader. He has to take us to greatness and lead us to higher calls.14- He has to convince us and prove to us that realism and idealism can finally meet.