Friday, January 25, 2008

Converts: Why They fall in Love with Islam?

I do not know how many books out their to analyse why people convert to Islam. I think there is a great opening for successful and intriguing books. I think there are a lot of reasons people convert to Islam or fall on love with Islam. These are some of the reasons:1- Simplicity: it is easy to self learn and become a Muslim on your own there is no secrets and no theologian theories. One God with chain of prophets talking the same message with same commandments with different laws but all are applicable.2- Absence of the middle man: a religion having no one in the middle between you and God is very attractive. Though Muslims respect Imams, priests and Rabbi there is no middle man you are talking to God and he answers you.3- Islamic Paradox: same things that make people fear Islam eventually attract them. Islam is a very reasonable paradox. For example polygamy came as a way it solve some social problems like taking care of women and orphans when there is necessity. It also takes over extramarital affairs. Most women who are mistresses felt more respect,dignity and preserved rights to be the second wife than to be a Mistress. Islam meanwhile still believe the single couple family is the best for the community. Jihad a fight for Islam and in most part is fighting oneself against its evils.4- Fulfillment : in the shallow materialist life people struggle for enjoyment and possession. It ends by a shallow hectic life and the human soul always feel emptiness look for the meaning, the serenity and fulfillment.5- Wisdom: Quran is full of wisdom and the message of Islam itself is built on wisdom. Wisdom in the message, in how to spread the message and the live of wisdom makes people attracted to Islam.6- Intriguing religion: it is like a sea that you like how it looks from a distance and attracts you to get into it. As you feel the nice, clean and comforting water you want to go deeper and stay longer.7- Idealism: the ideas of Islam are in many parts common with the great Ideas of human soul. The same calls for justice, the human rights and the right to run elected and consulting governments that respect its people. The safety network for the poor and the weak in communities confirm well with the democratic party. The free and fair market with the high potential to human growth and independence is the soul of the republic party. No doubt Islam is very attractive and in fact is likely to become the next religion to Americans. Do not forget Jesus is a Muslim prophet (same Jesus we are talking about).8- Sharing common ground with Christianity: a lot of converts are Christians who did not feel they went far by converting to Islam. They just realized there were a last message after Jesus they missed or they were told it is unreal. When they discovered it they discovered the true Islam and the truth about Jesus, which looked to them both reasonable and fulfilling.9- The mass conversion: Like what happens in certain periods of time great awakening to human souls people do massive and determined search for their soul and the true existence. Though at certain periods you find massive conversion to the great religions particularly Christianity and Islam.10- The Prophecy power: or call it "God's predetermined will" that people at certain time particularly at end of time will convert to one religion. Though we have the will to do what why want, God through his great abilities know the history in advance and feed in our will while we are still the deciders.