Friday, January 25, 2008

Giving Up To Muslims.

Many in the west have a strong pride against converting to Islam and some call it giving up to Muslims. The way we Muslims look at that is:1- I personally was skeptical of Islam in sometime of my life was quite short about 1-2 years in early twenties.2- Muhammad (PBUH) was skeptical himself in first time had the encounter with Gabriel the angel of God.3- Muhammad followers many of them were skeptical in the beginning and some of them were even hostile to Islam in the beginning.4- In very rare occasions God communicate with humans at this high level or call it a prophet hood level. For sure counting all prophets of the Bible and Quran you come with tiny number that is likely less than one per hundred millions or even less since the existence of humans. False prophets are many but the Bible and Quran mentioned the non-disputable ones. Just to have someone communicating with God at this high level and to conduct his message to a lot of us have to incite skepticism in all of us even to the prophets themselves particularly in the beginning.5- Muslims are in most part not biased to Islam because they were born Muslims but because of their strong faith that it is a true religion of God.6- You do not need to read the most sophisticated books of Muslim scholars or read in comparative religion to believe in the Quran. You simply read the Quran and try to figure out yourself who is talking to you God, Muhammad, Satan or any other being.7- When people convert or submit to God over the ages (submission or Islam is the religion of all prophets) is because of their conviction and not coercion.8- God in the Quran as in the Bible attract you to follow him for what he deserves if you are fair or for longing to his heavens or fear of his hell if you are looking for your destiny.9- We do not want people to convert to Islam because the God of Islam Allah is better than the God of the Bible. They are one and the same. Or because Muhammad was greater than Jesus. Both of them were loved by Muslims and both are great prophets. Or because we want to have Islam dominant. We want the truth of God and submission to him to be everywhere. We love God and all his prophets and we want the meek to inherit the earth.10- As you see there is no giving up to Muslims. Actually Muslims are giving up to Jesus they are working hard to prepare a just and peaceful world for his coming.