Friday, January 25, 2008

The Saudi Dynasty How They Control The world

The Saudi regime is one of the most corrupted regimes in the world. I feel brave to attack them since I feel I am guided by God if you know what I mean. They would be the last to reform.Simply they would not open the books to see how much they own and how much the Saudi as country lost in their time. They know very well how to play the game. The most important for them is power, money and control.Most recently when the king felt that he may have Al Mahdi Al Muntazer on the horizon or the Saudi people are starting to wake up he tried to legalize his kingship inheritance for him and the family.The thing that they played well Since Saud the father of the family started his monarchy is to win the strongest power in the world America. They are not only have big influence in the Americans as getting them in Iraqi war but more so to control the price of oil and the American economy.I do not advocate violent up-rise against them but dialogue in the media to see how they can open to their people and the Muslim world and to see how they are willing to change drastically the course of history.There are numbers of their family that are honest good muslims. I think if Arab kings, the moderates and Jihadists to solve their problems peacefuly and justrly we would have a just and peaceful world. I always send mixed messages since the world is complicated and people have the good side in them as well and you still can win a lot of people with mixed messages.