Saturday, January 26, 2008

Imam El Mahdi: Why should the west wish for?

Though people do not talk much in the media about this large figure in Islamic prophecy, El Mahdi, privately a lot of people are talking about him both in Islamic world and in the west. It may be God’s will is to have people whisper about him until the right time when he reveals him. Reading through the Islamic prophecy he is described as a messianic figure and a just leader. He is not only good for the repressed and poor Muslims, he is also good for the west and for the complicated international world affairs. For the reasons I will list below he would be a savior to the world:

1- Being a messianic figure he will work for justice, democracy and prosperity everywhere.

2- He will achieve justice and prosperity after the earth was filled with injustice and oppression. As it looks exactly now.

3- He is very likely to achieve his goals through peace, though having big force behind him will help him achieve this goal as usually happens with world affairs.

4- He is very likely to be a politician and not a military leader.

5- He will never force non-Muslims to be Muslims or discriminate against them. Though unfortunately, some of Christians in the beginning for wrong interpretation of the prophecies of their religion will consider him the Anti-Christ. As they know him more and know more of Islam they will discover his real nature.

6- He is very likely will be able to stop all terror/Jihad that was produced by the injustice and the oppression of the Muslims by their leaders and the west who delightfully was helping them.

7- He is very likely to stop promptly the Israeli-Palestinian fights and solve the conflict.

8- His main job is to get the world ready for Jesus second coming, who will be the Lord (not God) of our world. El Mahdi is the government guy.

9- He is very likely to be very humble which will help him to get a lot of good people to help in establishing this righteous world that God sent him for. He is very likely was oppressed and had a lot of personal injustices since God wants him to feel the pain so he would eradicate all the injustices in the world..

10- He is very likely will be able to get Muslims and non Muslims to accept a new non-confrontational existence and prevent the clash of civilizations.

11- El Mahdi for a reason unknown for us will be elevated by God in one night. It sounds strange, but who would think with a hit from the rod of prophet Moses (PBUH) would have opened a highway in the sea or the dead rose up again as Jesus did.

12- He would not just show his large forehead and a mark in his face to have people believe him. Some people are expected miracles from him while others believe his miracle is accomplishing his mission.

13- Like all reasonable politicians one have to think both geopolitical and economically in figuring out the international relations and how to prevent terrorism.For more about the subject check my websites and www.commonsensemessiah.blogspot.comMaged Taman.