Sunday, January 27, 2008

How We All To Think Religion?

We all should think religion in a scientific way:1- Is their God: see under my blog the case for God is very compelling.2- Every thing is equally right or wrong. So what ever your religion is go to the zero line where every thing could be right or wrong.3- At zero line start by Islam (Quran) for a simple reason it you are studying in branch in science you will be doing the same going to the most recent book. Besides no single letter has changed.4- Study Islam: in a scientific way: any possibility the messenger of Islam was a liar, it was a deceive from Satan or inspired from God read for yourself the Quran to answer this question.5- Study the contradictions in Quran in my blog to be sure that we made the case clear that there is no contradictions. So you feel strongly that Quran is from God.6- Be your own judge run the verses in your mind and think why a human would right that and why thousands of people pray behind him and follow him everywhere and 1.3 billion Muslim will continue to believe him 1400 years later.7- Learn about the God of Quran and see if you feel he is the powerful God who created all the universe and will be able to recreate us again and decide for us our eternity according to our faith and deeds.8- Learn the miracles of the Quran in my blog and find out how a human 1426 ago has all of these recent scientific facts.9- Read the stories of the prophets almost the same as the bible and find the power of a God and how he revenge for his prophets and he always win in this life or the hereafter.10- Try to find any weakness, hesitations, politics or regrets that make you feel that a human and not a God who created the Quran.11- Feel the power of this God in the Quran over his universe, creations. prophets and all people.12- Christians will still have their belief that Jesus is a son of God. They have it in their heart since their childhood. We Muslims love Jesus and his Mother Mary and the Quran put them in a very high place. However, if Quran is from God he is the one who corrects to us the reality of Jesus. One has to start at point zero where everything is possible like I did with Quran myself rethinking my faith. Side branching from Jesus as son of God to son of man and a great prophet is very possible, you will continue to love him and await his second coming.